Possible Amber/PseudoTV Live fix
Hi pecinko.

First off, I want to say that I recently switched to Amber and love the skin. It is very well done and runs smooth on my old ion2. So, thank you for your hard work.

I am however experiencing a problem with your skin and PseudoTV Live that other people have had, as described in this post by kixcl: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1720891

I believe I have found a fix for the problem and am posting it here in hopes that it may help other users of both Amber and PTVL.

In "VideoFullScreen.xml" file, near the top (line 3 or 4) is the following line:


When I remove it, PseudoTV Live functions properly and from what I can see, with limited testing so far, Amber also continues to work properly. I will post back here if I encounter any errors from my simple edit. Obviously, to anyone else trying this, make a backup copy of the xml file first.

Note that I am using Frodo and I know you don't support that anymore but I think the line of code also exists in the Gotham version of Amber.

Again, thanks for a great skin. Regards.
Thanks for the kind words!

Can someone that is using the script try proposed fix? If all works well I can add it to mainline.

Nice find Amra, thanks!
My skins:


You are welcome and just to let you know, everything is still working fine for me since I originally posted my fix.
Thanks, this was awesome!

I've been scratching my head for hours now, but this fix worked!

It even makes sense, since Amber closes everything once a video is loaded.

Will post if I get any errors..
This is great,

Just tested it and it works.

Spend the last few days with different skins because of the Amber-PseudoTV bug.
Very happy that I can use amber again.
It's by far my favorite skin.
Hello everyone. I too would like to be able to use Amber and PTVL with this fix. I have Amber running on a raspberry pi with openelec. Where can I locate the VideoFullScreen.xml file to edit? I'm not spotting it in the userdata or addon_data folders.
This worked for me as well, Thanks!

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