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[Annoucement][AFTV] SPMC (XBMC spinoff) published in Amazon Appstore
Hi All,

In preparation/testing for possible inclusion of Kodi in the various app stores, I've published my personal spinoff, SPMC, in the Amazon Appstore: http://www.amazon.com/Semperpax-SPMC/dp/...words=spmc

SPMC is basically Gotham, with some minor tweaks specific to various Android devices. See http://spmc.semperpax.com/ for more info.
Its signature is different from the XBMC one, so both can co-exist on the same device, with separate userdata.

We are interested in getting your feedback on the installation / usage experience on the Amazon Fire TV.
The board has approved the subsidization of an AFTV, but I'll only fetch it next month, when in the US.

Well done for getting the app into the store
+1, good news.
[H]i-[d]eft [M]edia [K]een [V]ideosaurus
My Family Room Theater
will this be available for the fire tv?
(2014-08-10, 17:56)sams0n Wrote: will this be available for the fire tv?

Is it not?
(2014-08-10, 18:08)Koying Wrote:
(2014-08-10, 17:56)sams0n Wrote: will this be available for the fire tv?

Is it not?

says it isn't compatible. i dont think you can install it unless it lists it as being compatible with fire tv.

Same here.
Mmm... No idea why, nor anywhere do I see in some doc what the requirements might be...
I have the Google Play Store and Market Helper installed on the Fire TV that allowed me access to @Koying new SPMC app. This was actually the first time I installed an app from the Google Play Store on the Fire TV and it worked like a charm. Will be testing SPMC and look forward to the future release of Kodi.
Installs fine on all my android devices from the amazon app store except for the firetv
I've left a post in their support forum. I will keep you informed...
Is it supposed to replace the launcher? On my Samsung Tab3 it asked me if I wanted to use it or the homewiz when I hit the home key.
It can be the launcher. You obviously don't have to choose it Wink
I guess I could of stated it better. I know I could choose it, I was just wondering if it was meant as a feature. By your response, I guess it is. That's awesome! It doesn't benefit me at this point, but great feature for countless others. That could make Kodi even better!
I am thinking it would be a good idea to pin this thread and hopeful that the Amazon App Store fixes the issue of being able to install the SPMC app on the Fire TV ASAP. I am amazed that Amazon has seen fit to allow SPMC to begin with and it shows they can be open to all developers.
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[Annoucement][AFTV] SPMC (XBMC spinoff) published in Amazon Appstore5
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