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(2015-12-01, 02:17)taurus35 Wrote: Hi,

I have managed to extract my textures.xbt file no problem, edited some images, added some new ones & compiled OK. The issue I am getting is that when I replace the texture.xbt file in my skin with the new one & restarted Kodi all of the images are a different size & or positioned incorrectly.
Have tried this on my 32bit system at home - all images look normal when viewed in explorer but are different to originals when compiled back into textures.xbt as mentioned above.
Have tried this on my 64bit system at work - images are extracted from .xbt file OK but just by looking at the thumbnails I can see the images (about 50%) are all broken up into sections or just very blocky.
Any idea what's causing this?


strange...i dont get those issues in any way, did you have tried from another pc or sth`?
i will check again those days, as soon as i get more time ...

(2014-08-12, 08:55)Martijn Wrote: you know that nearly every single skin out there can be found unpacked? Smile
except some commercial ones i guess but we don't host/provide those.

still nice to see a tool out there just in case

is there a way to get a blog entry for that tool? Angel would be a honor

(2015-09-09, 01:28)un1versal Wrote: More bug fixes texturepacker 1.0.4 up

This will be my last version update notice here, only wanted to nudge the developer of new fixes as I think its helpful tool for for those who need it.
I think though due to issues reported by users here that the developer could compile debug builds of the tool to help him get to bottom of issues.

I will start supplying my own compiled versions for release and debug builds at

For future updates check TexturePacker (wiki) or

Big thanks to you mate, you keep me updated with texturepacker bugfixes and new releases although you dont have to.
so here we go:

Update v2.5.1

added default selection directory to C:\ because XP users cant redirect to other directorys when starting at desktop dir

Update v2.5

- added check for TexturePacker with directory Spaces again (still not supported by texturepacker // so no empty Textures.xbt files will be generated)
- updated TexturePacker to v.
- changed some strings
- added get me a beer Tongue


If the Tool is complaining about spaces in directory be sure that you are not using ones.
Example in XP: C:\Document and Settings\yourname\Desktop\yourfolder.

"Document and Settings" does contain spaces.
so you should use something like "C:\temp\".

In Win 7,8, 10 it should be C:\Users\yourname\Desktop,

so its fine.

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