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(2016-01-21, 08:42)e0xify Wrote: Strange, seems to be an issue with the latest texturepacker. I will Check later These days.

Ok Seems a little strange , Ive been trying this on a windows 7 machine and get this error everytime , so then Ive tried this on windows Xp and got a base.exe error .
I've then tried this on an identical Windows 7 machine ( Im in work so these are all ghosted the same ) and it unpacked and repacked fine no Issues. Even added a new image and bamm perfect ( Works great by the way :p ) ....... The only difference I can see is that the pc it doesnt work on has all its folders shared with other users and the one it does work with has nothing shared. Other than that I see no difference in the machines unless it has a conflicting piece of software on it.

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