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(2016-05-10, 22:55)ToniTV Wrote: Any idea why my compiled Textures.xbt file would be larger in size than the original contents? 7.71 MB of original content is winding up as 10.6 MB.

i guess thats because dupecheck is enabled here by default, which is not when you use the commandline Texturepacker.

Quote: -dupecheck Enable duplicate file detection. Reduces output file size. Default: off

you can check cross, by deselecting the option in the TextureTool.


(2016-05-19, 10:12)Guardian Hope Wrote: Does this tool have a size limit or am I missing something? I was compressing new textures for my latest skin release and this tool kept writing 0 byte files even though no texture nor the path had any spaces in them. I finally just downloaded the CLI tool to see what was going on and the CLI tools runs through all the files like everything is normal but at the end says "Failed to Write Header to File" leaving me once again with a 0 byte file so I am assuming that's what's happening here.

Ironically, it can extract the Textures.xbt file of my skin but it can't put them back into xbt format.

Since I am about to release a new update, the reference last working xbt format version is here and the currently non-working version is on Git here:

I hope people can deal with about a 50 meg bump in file size for the next release Sad.

unfortunately cant help you with that here, guess the size is not the problem at all, got some texture.xbt files here with 150mb +
maybe its something in your folder you want to compile or try another compression by selecting / deselecting the options in Texture tool...


Version 2.6.3

- delete temp. TextureTool files with new release

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