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(2019-02-01, 16:58)chrissix Wrote:
(2019-01-30, 15:15)ronie Wrote: the textures file takes precedence.

if you want to create a Textures.xbt file, you can use the official tool provided by kodi:

Unpacking was never a problem with TexturTool, the only broken problem was to pack it again.

The idea of TextureTool was to have a UI, that also non-pro's can handle it.
I am only a hobby coder, but i need .xbt files a lot. But i have to admit i am a non pro without an UI, i never got TexturePacker get to work... far too complicated for a Layman.

Is there no chance that a Team-Kodi Member can recode/patch TextureTool a bit so that it will work again?   
 You can use the compiled Texture Packer, and create an Batch File.

( -> there's just a typo on the wiki (Textures.xbt)    fixed

@echo OFF


ECHO -------------------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO                   ** Creating Textures XBT File... **
ECHO -------------------------------------------------------------------------

PING -n 2 -w 1000 > NUL
START /B /WAIT TexturePacker -dupecheck -input media\ -output media\Textures.xbt
PING -n 2 -w 20000 > NUL


ECHO -------------------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO        ** XBT build complete - scroll up to check for errors. **
ECHO -------------------------------------------------------------------------

PING -n 50 -w 5000 > NUL


- download compiled executable ,depending to your os
- create .bat file (- create .txt ; rename extension txt to bat
- place executable and bat file to main folder of your whished skin
(- if you use themes , just replace textures.xbt to themename.xbt in batch file)

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