Release [Windows] Kodi - Texture Tool (.xbt)
(2019-02-14, 21:37)supp Wrote: definitly a texturepacker issue. nothing to do with TextureTool here.

I can handle the TexturePacker command prompt very badly, but that might explain why I did not succeed with the skin 160mb textures.xbt

Thx for sharing your newest version on cloud, tested it a bit but almost same results:

5th try 100mb textures sample, dubcheck off -> positive  
6th try 100mb textures sample, dubcheck on-> positive 
7th try 150mb textures sample, dubcheck off -> negative 0kb
8th try 150mb textures sample, dubcheck on -> negative 0kb

If 100mb are exceeded it will be a patience sample from the number of tries. At the 160mb textures.xbt of the aeon mq7 leida mod I need 10, 15, sometimes 20 tries until the compiling works. Hours pass by. There seems to be some random component if it works at least every 20 tryings.
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