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I have a very strange issue using TextureTool and sure could use some help with it. Here is what I am doing and working with:

I am theming the skin.aeon.nox.silvo skin and using animated gif files to incorporate animation in the themed skins (superman, batman, mario, etc..). For the most part everything works great.

However, every now and then, something goes very strange. For example, I have one cartoony animated gif of a family of 3 walking, each of the family members legs move and arms swing as they should. all looks great in the unpacked version. But when I create the Textures.xbt file and try to use it, the image has a still gif along with a animated gif together. In this example, it give the 3 characters 3 legs, 2 that move and one that stays stationary as I have them slide across the screen. This has happened with a few of my animated gif files and I use all the same tools on all of them, so I can't figure out why it happens. I have 100's of others that work, but every so often I have one like this that goes go weird on me.

I use free github repo's to host my stuff, so I need to compress the media folder to keep the zip files under 90-100mb for uploading (using GitHub Desktop).

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions about thisHuh?

On a side note, I noticed once you create a Textures.xbt using animated gif files, then later un-compress it, ALL the animated gif are no longer animated, just to let others know.
Kodi v18.4 with Aeon Nox:SiLVO / Using on Nvidea Shield, Android 7.1.2 on MeCool M8S Pro L-3GB/32GB and other Android TV Boxes as well as Windows 7 & 10

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