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Youtube app only doing 720p....
(2015-02-05, 01:32)hghfdkjbfjb Wrote:
(2015-02-04, 19:21)Ned Scott Wrote: Don't call people liars or say they are doing the community a disservice because they don't want to spend their free, unpaid time working on a dead-end hacky solution.

As far as the developers and support members of Team Kodi are concerned, this is a Kodi issue. The plan is to add DASH support to Kodi, properly.

I do good work whether I'm getting paid or not. The free work = I don't want to argument has been debunked repeatedly for several decades. The Kodi team will not implement DASH because only YouTube playback will benefit from it. It will not be added properly by the Kodi developers at all, but add-on developers with a more specific focus may get there if any inertia is built up.

As Bromix has made clear, he has no interest in DASH because he feels 720p to 1080p isn't enough of a difference to bother and he feels work is better spent on 4K and 60 FPS. Perhaps you should take off the shiny armor and cease white knighting for people you know nothing about- as you were completely wrong about the reasons why work has not been done on DASH so far. That's pretty much where this entire conversation stemmed from. Mind your own business and let people defend their own decisions and lack of results. They are not incapable of speaking on their own behalf.

Haha you are so wrong on so many levels.
You have absolutely no clue what we as team want. So you better stop talking.
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