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Hello people,

I bought a TV Show on iTune today and I added it to my XBMC library. I wanted to watch it with the kids later today, but I had a big surprise when XBMC showed the poster. Let just say that the poster XBMC uploaded is not for kids... I tried to delete the poster by going in the "thumbnail" folder and deleting every picture of this poster, but it keep reappearing. Most of my posters are an image of the actual video, so how can I make this happen for this TV Show too?

I have XBMC 13.1 Gotham, running on Windows 7 Home x64.

Thank you,
One, videos bought with iTunes won't play at all in XBMC. Two, you need to be more specific, like what the file name was or what the poster was.
Well, the videos does play in XBMC really well... The poster is from the "XXX Parody"... I went through some episodes rapidly to make sure I didn't do a big mistake, but I have the "real" version, I can confirm that. I renamed all episodes myself in the format "EPXX - Episode title" (XX = Episode number)
What is the show?
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Huh, there are actually videos from iTunes that don't have DRM and play in XBMC? I guess stranger things have happened :)

Can you tell us which show it is or an exact example of a file name? We can then mimic your setup on our end and see if we get the same issue.

EDIT: Even better, a debug log (wiki) of when you scan that file in.

or is this happening even without adding it to the library? iTunes videos do contain embedded artwork, so that is possible.
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