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Daily Dilbert 0.1e
a long time ago in a room not so far from here i wrote a simple script to grab the dilbert rss feed and display it on the tv. for some reason unbeknown to myself the rss feed i was using got changed and someone kindly informed me a little while ago.

i've updated the script so it should work now. the main page with information and screenshot is at: - the download link can also be found there. just trying to get the link updated for those preferring to install remotely.

it takes a few seconds to display, not figured out why yet. the main bulk of the program is pretty instant, the image display routine slows it down by a few moments. need to further test with the sunday feed as that is a jpg rather than a gif. if anyone does try it can you please let me know if the sunday feed is ok.


Daily Dilbert 0.1e00