Prerelease 2.6
here is the first prerelease build ( for tinyMediaManager version 2.6.

Everyone who is interested: feel free to test it and provide feedback! The final release of version 2.6 will follow in a few days when there are no show stopper bugs in the prerelease build

! D O N A T O R V E R S I O N
! Our donators are now able to register their tinyMediaManager copies to
! unlock special features as a "Thank you" for their support.

+ bigger UI rework (
+ new icons
+ configurable font and font size
+ extra artwork (banner, CD art, clearart, ..) is now available for movies and movie sets
+ new threading model: you can now queue different tasks; display open tasks (
+ smart scrape: if there is no result from automatic scrape a manual scrape will pop up
+ NFO enhancement: multiple IDs (from several meta data providers) will be stored
+ option to set the preferred media player
+ able to play trailers
+ trailer preferences (which one to automatic choose for NFO)
+ delete works now with deleting physical files (moving to backup folder)
+ ignore some Mac specific files on searching hdd/network shares
+ language updates
+ hotkeys for menu and other functions
+ improved season and episodes parser
+ preserve unsupported XML tags (from other tools) in NFO files
+ several enhancements to the TV show renamer
+ show artwork from the media file panel in lightbox
+ export for TV shows basically done
+ more filter options for TV shows
+ preview of images in the image chooser (
+ media source management (
! automatically add existing movies to movie sets (donator feature)
! Movie renamer preview (donator feature) (
! (WIP) trailer downloading (donator feature) (
! (WIP) integration (donator feature) (
x fix occasional database inconsistencies
x fix TvShow rename in command line
x fix an occasional crash when choosing artwork
x empty url cache from broken/unreadable HTTP responses
x better integration of the year to the result score calculation
x filter duplicate results from ofdb
x prevent audio streams from being added multiple times
x detect stacking markers with leading zeros
x import of watched state from XBMC NFO
x thousands of various fixes and stabilization Smile
Hi, I begin to test the new version and for the moment I found one little problem.

When I scrappe a movie with all the extra artwork, TMM name the DiscArt thumb "discart.png"
Artwork Downloader need a file name "disc.png" so I can't use "discart.png" without renaming it.

I think it is a problem for everyone but if there is a different way for adding those extra artwork automatically in the skin (without Artwork downloader) please tell me.

Thanks for your concern.

Edit1: On TV shows :
- "Scrape Episode metadata" and "Scrape news items" don't work >> nothing append when I click ^_^
you are right: I've messed up the filename for discart (which is only disc.jpg/png according to the Kodi/XBMC wiki). I'll fix that asap. (but you have to remove/rename the invalid files manually - atm I won't write any cleanup routine for that..)

scraping new items work for me. There are a few things to consider, when using scraping new items:

a) the TV shows/episodes have to be added in the actual tmm session (marked green)
b) the episodes must not have any metadata assigned (e.g. existing NFO for a newly added episode).

when these two requirements are fulfilled, the "Scrape new items" will work.

To use "Scrape episode metadata", the containing TV show has to have a valid TVDB assigned and the episode/season number must be detected the right way (there is no matching with title)!
Quote:but you have to remove/rename the invalid files manually
Already have for "Artwork Downloader"

a) >> check
b) >> check
but still doesn't work (all work fine with 2.5.5)

Same for "Scrape episode metadata""

I try to rescrape all my base... will see.

Edit : Now it's working ^_^ I don't know why
I've built a new version (with fix for disc art)
update done ^_^
no other news ? for me now all work fine.

just 2 crash append, I don't know why or How.
I've noticed with the Donator Version that ill have trailers downloading and then one will come back with HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden even though that trailer works, and it gets stuck on that trailer. I cant get TMM to do anything untill I force TMM to close.
Maybe its something to do with how many i have queued up.
for some reason i just did the update as u said in getdown file and all i get is a box pop up at the end when it should open the program saying message but there nothing in the box
@AuXBox: could you identify the trailer url that I can reproduce it?
@chr0nic: are there any chances that you can send a bug report?
(2014-08-26, 07:29)mlaggner Wrote: @AuXBox: could you identify the trailer url that I can reproduce it?
@chr0nic: are there any chances that you can send a bug report?

I'm not at home now but when I tried again it was fine. It's happened a couple time over last couple days if I leave it downloading for a length of time. I'll have a look again after I finish work, I queued a few before a left this morning.
hey there i fixed it i removed the old one and started again and add the line and its seem to have opened this time must have been something left behind from before thx again btw how do u donate and open the other items
not to be offensive, but please use punctuation is your posts.. Your posts are really hard to read Sad

You can donate via the big yellow button in the upper right of the tmm window - it will redirect you to paypal where you are able to donate (also without a paypal account).
After you have donated, wait a few minutes till everything is registered and then you can go to the tmm menu: "tinyMediaManager -> Register as donator", insert the requested data and restart tmm.
new prerelease is up Smile

- tweak TV episode detection
- some tweaks to the downlaod manager
- fixes ordering of names with french prefix
to me it seems the image cache is not showing images when the movie folders are unavailabe ?Confused
I rebuild the cache and I have all images in the cache folder, but in tmm they are not showing ...
in 2.5. this worked properly; any ideas ?
Any chance of an option box to select the number of genres downloaded? I prefer to just select 2. Looking good so far.
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