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[ALPHA] Unity
(2014-09-02, 08:52)nickr Wrote: When I hit <enter> on the keyboard during playback, I don't seem to get the video/audio/subtitle/bookmark choices in the OSD.

Do you get it with normal confluence installed?

I haven't touched the OSD yet so should work exactly the same as Confluence...
yep, talking about the icons at the bottom right in the Confluence shot. (Edit, actually all the bottom icons, the play/pause etc etc too)




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Right okay, I know what this is as it sometimes happens to me. In order to solve it you need to refresh the skin and to do so you have two options...

1) Follow the information here about creating/updating your keymap. Once done pressing F5 will refresh the skin.

2) Wait for the next update where I'll add a skin refresh button to the shutdown menu (possibly coming tonight).

I have no idea why some of the textures disappear, hopefully once the skin is finished the issue will resolve itself as it seems to be only the old confluence textures (rather than the updated ones) that vanish.
Actually it just occurred to me, that machine is running helix, I think. I'll check in the morning, but it might be affecting it.
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
(2014-08-31, 13:37)Eddage Wrote:
(2014-08-31, 13:30)protocol77 Wrote: There are some skins that have a dot or similar icon to signify that a video is unwatched and then removes it leaving blank on items that have been watched

Which in my opinion is crazy and doesn't make sense, therefore in my skin the dot means it's watched!

I have just had a thought though... The reason I didn't use a tick is because I don't like the look of them, a circle has equal space around it, whereas a tick has empty space in the top left. However, if I put a tick inside the circle then it may work...

I agree it is crazy and that is why i have stuck to confluence mods (well one of the reasons) because they are usually kept straight forward a tick is present only on watched items which IMHO is the proper way to do it

I like your idea of the tick inside the circle it seems like a nice compromise of both ideas and would be more prominent that just one or the other which is good for situations where you are a decent amount of distance from the screen Smile

btw perhaps you should look at some of the features that mudislander has put into Hybrid and Customizable Confluence Mod (CCM) the stuff like custom menus / presets / playlist might be some cool things to add a big draw for my to hybrid is being able to create / remove any or all main menu items arrange them the way i want and so being able to use commands to create options like adding a favourites menu either using one of the preset options or simple using ActivateWindow(Favourites)

I am sure he probably won't mind you borrowing some of the code and those sort of options mixed with the new styling you are doing might make this a truly great mod indeed Smile
(2014-09-02, 13:50)nickr Wrote: Actually it just occurred to me, that machine is running helix, I think. I'll check in the morning, but it might be affecting it.

i'm running Helix, and I'm noticing the same thing.
but i have other skins (Eminence) that aren't Helix "ready" that don't have this problem.

i'm thinking that maybe the ability to Refresh the skin might help out.
I've tried deleting my Textures.db, but that did not fix the issue.
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Instead of the opaque black background for the unfocused selection, can we make it an opaque white or even a flat light grey? I think it would be more uniform and consistent.
@Eddage - well done for this, I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl as it beds in (production system and kids... y'know how it is...). I've tried sooo many skins and always gone back to Confluence for various reasons (including speed and, frankly, usability): a refreshed version could be just the ticket.
Live TV is a complete bitch to set up and is seriously pissing me off.

If I don't get it working properly by the end of the day then I may honestly give up with it and not code it. Experience this much aggro for a feature I never even use is not worth it - my weekends are meant to be relaxing!
use the demo client
It's been seen that a skin be released without PVR support, and then someone makes a PVR mod that is added to the real skin. That someone not being the author but a skin enthouthiast that has PVR and is willing to spend the time necessary to code it.
Btw, PVR skinning is being redone.
Admin @ Passion-XBMC
(official french community)
This looks amazing... this might be the skin that gets me to finally update to Gotham! Keep up the great work! And the trouble your having with PVR... ask for some help in the PVR thread maybe and supply the artwork and what you want it to look like so maybe someone can contribute?
Maybe you will find it easier to release the Gotham version of this skin without PVR and start on the Helix version where PVR windows got reworked and are less hacky :-P
Yes, that's probably what I'll do. I did sort of manage to get it working so a couple of things are coded (e.g. the channel list whilst watching tv), but think I'll just wait for Helix before I do it properly.
The imgur library seems to be broken on the front page. I was hoping to use an image or two in another thread to make a point. Smile
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