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I've recently purchased a MX box which has been rooted to rom 2.0 (I think) but completely new to this I'm struggling to get it set up correctly, I hope someone can answer these questions.

1) people mention front end and back end, is front end 'launcher'
2) I have access to a sky go account excluding movies and sports, I installed sky go on the 'launcher' side but the screen is rotated and everything is on its side, can I rotate the screen for this app?
3) could kodi replace a freeview box completely if set up correctly?

Many thanks, appreciate you taking the time to help a newbie out
1. In what context? The terms "frontend" and "backend" could refer to many things, such as different servers and clients. Normally we use those terms to describe live TV tuner software when it comes to XBMC/Kodi, but it can refer to other things as well.

2. Sounds like an issue with a specific Android app? That's a bit off topic for us, but there are lots of great Android TV help sites/communities that cover general Android topics. It might just need some rotation tweak. Off hand I can't recall what I've used in the past, but it should be a fairly easy fix.

3. In theory, with a USB tuner and the right software, yes, but I don't think there is a lot of support for it with Android-based boxes right now.
Thanks, what's the best box to go for then?
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