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Release Confluence Revamp'ed themes for Kodi (v16 & v17)

Not required, Its not part of theme, unless you would like to repack the textures yourself, is is already done. All required is in https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.th...tag/v2.2.3 and if you read the post two up from yours yuo get even more information.
Major update 2.2.6 been pushed to releases.

Get it now https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes/releases
Can this also be applied to Helix skin version?
Yes, It can be applied against any version of the default skin confluence, in any release. that's the beauty of themes.
@ Universal -

You need to include the original default textures and associated files for Confluence in this theme zip file as some zip extractors WILL overwrite the backgrounds , media, and colors folders.
Makes it very hard to navigate when rebooting Confluence after extracting the new themes as default Confluence skin files are missing.

Either that or change your Instructions for Installing.

Doesn't overwrite anything or delete anything. its structured especially so it doesn't overwrite anything... What extractors you talking about? I've tried command line Linux, 7zip (windows), winrar (windows) no issues.

The theme textures not in xbt are in own separate folder called Revamp which holds the its own directories/files, it is impossible unless you specifically tell the extracting application to extract the Revamp folder content over /media <- that is wrong and not what instructions say

This is what it looks like without this







Under any normal extraction you end up with the above untouched + new directory files that do not overwrite anything of the default files as below.

skin.confluence\Revamp\themedirs\files <-new directories and theme files

skin.confluence\media\Revamp.xbt <-new file

skin.confluence\media\Revamp-osf.xbt  <-new file

skin.confluence\colors\Revamp.xml  <-new file

skin.confluence\colors\Revamp-osf.xml <-new file
So you doing something wrong. I have done this dozens of times before I released it to public.

Im not including anything like defualt files, what I may do is separate the uncompressed textures and not include them at all in future themes, but

See what it looks like this theme at https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes nothing funky or odd or anything overwritten.

But in any case if you want the default textures back because you borked the extraction see https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/master...confluence

If you would like like and are willing to do it, you are welcome to do batch files or bash scripts to run this extraction for you, I'll be happy to test and try to include them otherwise I see nothing wrong (Ive had people do his numerous times for me also and improved instructions for it and I also INCLUDE warnings on the instructions)

Its all ok sorted it out by extracting a backup and transferring individual files across.

Quote:extracting the archive sub-directories media and color folders over the system skin.confluence respective directories.

These instructions are still not clear enough on your front page tho. Get rid of the word OVER or just paste what you have written in the post above on the front page.
Not all of us are using windows - and that can cause some problems.

On OSX I just extracted and found a revamped.themes-2.2.6 folder and then following your instructions copied the 3 folders over the default ones assuming all files required would be in the package. I really should have checked first - so that was my mistake.

Maybe just tell people simply to copy all the files in the 3 folders into the appropriate skin.confluence directories. Keep it simple.

Your post above makes it perfectly clear.

Nice Confluence revamp by the way. Wink

All required files are part of this.

Since nothing gets overwritten the default files are preserved (under normal circumstances) and all you do is switch themes. back and forth.

However I will admit OSX quirkiness never came into play or even tested, I'll have to ask people who have OSX experience to test this... I dont know anyone who uses it.

If you describe what OSX does differently I'll add an exception to unzipping in OSX without breaking existing.

The introductions of extracting the folders OVER the existing should not delete anything, unless OSX instead of merging contents is replacing and deleting the existing. no idea that is beyond me atm.


After reading this http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=255909 it seems OSX is at fault since its not behaving like Linux or Windows intead its doing whatever it wants which is wrong.
Ive added a osx user warning... as its a OSX issue only, Linux does not do this.
Yes its likely only an OS X issue.

Using the built in unzipper in OS X just results in a revamped.themes-2.2.6 folder once unzipped.
Your warning should now stop OS X users from just copying over the folders and breaking Confluence.



New release 2.2.7 See https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes/releases
(2014-11-20, 07:24)uNiversal Wrote: NEWS

New release 2.2.7 See https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes/releases

Great stuff!

New release 2.3.0 See https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes/releases

All dialog buttons focus have been updated.
New Work in progress wallpaper. in time it will be fantastic. (the author is really cool and fantastical talented guy.
Kodi logo update to official.
since re-touched uses almost exactly (i suspect) the same artwork as Confluence, could you see if a revamp is easy to do as well?
i suspect it would be a 99% c/p from Confluence
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Yes, looks like pretty much copy and paste. if file-names are same then sure.
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