Android [Solved] Choice of wrong AR on xbmc - or no sound on SPMC
I have a probox2 ex that I am trying to get working. It came with xbmc 14 alpha 1 which was too buggy. I installed xbmc 13.2. It plays everything, just with the wrong resolution. The TV is 720p. It connects through hdmi. The box correctly detects the resolution of the TV. However, in xbmc 13.2 under system settings the greyed out resolution is 1080p. The result is every video is moved to the right, with a good third cut-off (this was also the case with v14).

So I downloaded SPMC. It played all videos at the correct resolution except any video with aac audio. I can hear the audio, but the picture remains at the skin with the video selected. So my choice is hear everything with one third of the picture missing, or hear everything with no picture. Sad
debug log (wiki) for the SPMC part, please.
The XBMC part is known and will be solved in Kodi a bit later.
Thank you very much for your prompt reply Koying. The debug log is here. The program selected is at line 832 and an error occurs at line 882. I hope this helps.
It has surely nothing to do with the fact that it is AAC, but rather something peculiar with the video encoding.
If you could PM me a sample, I could investigate further.
All your samples work fine on Minix X8 (S802-H, too).
Probably a firmware issue, ask "probox2" for support...
Big Grin 
I have found the answer (maybe known to everyone else but me). Under hardware acceleration, if only the amcodec is selected I get the aac bug. If only mediacodec is selected, spmc crashes. But if only libstagefright is selected everything works. Big Grin

I hope this helps others.

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[Solved] Choice of wrong AR on xbmc - or no sound on SPMC0
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