[MX3-M] 2.4GHz Fly Air Mouse Remote Control [FIX]

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I got it last week and I like it. One small niggle is that when I switch it to keyboard mode the air mouse becomes active. I actually don't really need it whilst using Kodi. Is there any way to disable it? I tried the fix for the MX3 at the start of the thread but it didn't work.

Is there a keymap to disable mouse control in Kodi?

:edit: lol System:Input devices!
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(2017-02-10 12:22)nparabz Wrote:  Hi all,

I'm running Kodi on Linux (Deepin OS). I just bought this remote on Amazon, and everything works fine, except the Play / Pause, Fast Forward / Rewind, Zoom In and Zoom Out keys.

I read in the thread above that these keys are working fine for some users. Do I need to make keymap .xml files to the userdata directory to add the above functions? If yes, how do I do it without disturbing the existing working functionality of the remote?

Thanks in advance.

I don't know DeepinOS, but most probably your Window Manager is handling (stealing) those keys. Gnome3 for example doesn't hand over lots of key-presses like PlayPause, FastForward, Rewind, etc.
The solution to this is to unregister these keys from the WM. In Gnome3 these are in Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts tab->Sound and Media category. There you can clear the assignment and from there on the current program will receive the key-press instead Gnome intercepting it.
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I recently got hold of two MX3 remotes (it was _really cheap_ as both were ordered from eBay as T3 and received from China as MX3, so refundSmile)).
As I use it with Linux (Debian Jessie, Gnome3) I thought I will share my findings, maybe somebody will get some use of it.

First the functions:
The remotes are MX3 models (or MXIII as sometimes are referred to), so no audio feature.
They get recognized on the USB as a composit HID device with VendorID:2389 and ProductID:00A8 which is not matched with any known vendor and/or product.
The state of the mouse gets memorized until battery changing.
The remote has 3 state changing buttons: TV, MOUSE DISABLE, Fn (on the backside), all other keys are sending valid, recognizable keycodes.

Now the keycode/value layout map. The position of each entry is matched with the physical position of the corresponding button on the remote. This is the air mouse/D-pad side, the keyboard side is pretty straightforward.
Keycode layout for the MXIII RF Remote and Air Mouse:
Keycodes marked with asterisk (*) send their codes through the second input device (keyboard), while all other keycodes come through the mouse device.

KEY_POWER (10081)

*KEY_F3(7003c)          KEY_PLAYPAUSE(c00cd)    KEY_ZOOMIN(c022d)       KEY_ZOOMOUT(c022e)

            *KEY_COMPOSE(70065)     KEY_HOMEPAGE (c0223)    BTN_RIGHT(90002)

                                    KEY_UP (70052)
                  KEY_LEFT(70050)   KEY_ENTER(70028)  KEY_RIGHT(7004f)

KEY_VOLUMEUP(c00e9)                                                     *KEY_PAGEUP(7004b)
KEY_VOLUMEDOWN(c00ea)   KEY_MUTE(c00e2)         MOUSE_ON_OFF(N/A)       *KEY_PAGEDOWN(7004e)

*KEY_1(7001e)           *KEY_2(7001f)           *KEY_3(70020)           KEY_CONFIG(c0183)
*KEY_4(70021)           *KEY_5(70022)           *KEY_6(70023)           KEY_MAIL(c018a)
*KEY_7(70024)           *KEY_8(70025)           *KEY_9(70026)          *KEY_F2(7003b)
TV_RF_IR_SWITCH(N/A)    *KEY_0(70027)           *KEY_BACKSPACE(7002a)   KEY_WWW(c008a)

*KEY_F4(7003d)          *KEY_F5(7003e)          *KEY_F6(7003f)         *KEY_F7(70040)

These values can be used to create a map using udev:
#Keymap file for the MXIII RF Remote and Air Mouse device
#This file goes as 60-keyboard.hwdb into the /etc/udev/hwdb.d/ directory

#after changing this file, these commands should be run:
#udevadm hwdb --update
#udevadm trigger
#udevadm control --reload

KEYBOARD_KEY_10081=f24     #KEY_POWER - Power Button
# KEYBOARD_KEY_c00b4=x        #KEY_REWIND
# KEYBOARD_KEY_7003c=x        #KEY_F3*
# KEYBOARD_KEY_c022d=x        #KEY_ZOOMIN
# KEYBOARD_KEY_c022e=x        #KEY_ZOOMOUT
# KEYBOARD_KEY_70065=x        #KEY_COMPOSE*
KEYBOARD_KEY_90002=esc     #BTN_RIGHT - Back Button (to the right of Home)
Important: the forum engine eats the first (and single) space character in front of KEYBOARD_KEY_xxxx but it is a must.

The above code changes the Back button to send an Escape code, and the Power button to send an F24 code.
The first is (in my opinion) a much wiser choice for a Back button then the stock mouse right button.
The last is a hack for me to be able to make a custom script work, which will turn off the display on my machine (actually rather send the display to sleep) when I press Power.

Still thinking about the proper solution of the "missing Stop button" problem.

Btw: I ordered a T3-M remote, I'm looking forward to see the differences. We'll see in a few weeks.
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