Add to Spotify Queue from iPhone
Hi all-

I have been trying out spotimc and it's working pretty well, but there is one feature that I can't seem to figure out. It seems like the main capability to manage the queue from my iphone is for me to start a playlist from spotimc directly. From there I can go to "Now Playing" on my iphone app and manage the queue (stop, start, reorder, change tracks).

What I would really like to be able to do is to add music to the queue on the fly from my phone. This is a pretty critical feature for me to DJ from my phone since I can't guess in advance every song I might want in the queue. Is there a way to do this with spotimc or any other spotify add-on?

Quick bump to see if anyone has thoughts on this.
I just want to say I'm looking for that exact same thing, my idea was to use Yatse to be able to queue and play music by sending them over upnp so I could simplify the process of letting people play music from my couch, and everyone could do it from their own smartphones.

Sadly, Yatse/XBMC/SpotiMC/Spotlight can't do this, but if anyone got any ideas OP isn't the only one that wonders, despite different platforms.
I chime in, I want something similar Smile

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Add to Spotify Queue from iPhone0
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