Windows server w/MySQL library + Mini-X neo X8 XBMC: Stand-alone lib updater?
Hi guys, rather new to XBMC and I am hoping to get your input on how to best solve this:

I have a large amount of media content on a Windows home server 2011 (pretty much a Windows 2008 R2 server) and I use a Mini-X neo X8 to run XBMC. Due to stuttering on media playback from the homeserver while the Mini-X is updating the library I'm thinking a central mySQL database installed on my homeserver would be the best option. I would also like to add XBMC on more devices using the same library. So my questions:

1) Are there any windows based stand-alone library updaters that I can install on my homeserver, along with mySQL, to avoid having XBMC running on the homeserver itself (which is just a box on the network and nowhere close to a TV) ? My goal is to update the library rather fast, both when content is added or removed, within the homeserver without using XBMC to do so.
2) Are there any tutorials on what I need to change on the Mini-X once I've set up mySQL on the homeserver?

All input appreciated. In advance, thank you.
1. currently not, no.

2. MiniX instructions will be the same as any other box. Just add the proper advancedsettings.xml file to the userdata (wiki) folder on the MiniX.

Be sure to read our MySQL (wiki) guide.
Hi, and thank you for a quick reply. Too bad there is no stand-alone library updater for Windows, must be a feature tons of people would benefit from. I see there are even such tools for NAS boxes hosting mySQL for XBMC.

So does anyone have other suggestions on how to make my setup smoother? Even though I think it's an overkill and I'm worried about XBMC running in the background will drag too much resources I tried to install XBMC on WHS, although I'm getting the "cannot create GUI" error when trying to start it. Most likely cause I only access my server through remote desktop, as the server is stored away in a different room. I might be able to bypass this particular problem by installing UltraVNC or something, or make XBMC auto-start when Windows boots up, enable the http server and trigger random updates this way. Still no ideal solution.

Suggestions guys ? Smile
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Windows server w/MySQL library + Mini-X neo X8 XBMC: Stand-alone lib updater?00