Problems recording from DVB-T
Hi all,

I'm using TVHeadend with XBMC and use WebGrab+ to improve EPGs (perhaps its related with my problems), but I post this in this section since I think it's a problem of the own TVHeadend not related with XBMC. If I'm posting uncorrectly I apologyze.

I have two problems related with recording options:

1.-TVHEADEND continues recording after stop

If I enter to one channel and then start recording, then stop, I can change to other channel and record the other one (it's the expected), then I can stop recording this second channel and change to other one and record it then stop (until here, it's ok).

The problem is that if I exit XBMC and enter again, all the channels that I recorded previously appears as recording. I include an image:


In this moment I can't wath any channel since it says that there are no free adapters, and I have to stop all recordings one to one. Why dows TVHeadend continue triyng to record the program if I have stop it??

2.- Problems to record some channels and I have to reset

My second problem is that I have problems when I try to record some of the channels. The message is: "Couldn't save timer. Check log for details. An unexpected error occurred. Try again later or check the lo.....".

The only solution is going into 'System', 'Settings', 'Live TV' and then selected 'Reset PVR database'. The issue is that next time I enter XBMC the problem happens again, even if it's only 5 minutes later. Is there any way to make XBMC reset this database automatically? I changed the option "EPG update interval" to 15 minutes, but it doesn't help.

3.- Third problem

I have a third problem, and I think it's directly related with the first one: when I make some record, stops and then exit XBMC, if I try to restart computer it gets frozen and I have to disconnect power cord to make it boot.

I hope someone can help me, many thanks in advance.

Anyone can give me some help?

What version of tvheadend do you have? Can you provide some logs?

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Problems recording from DVB-T0
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