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(2017-04-12 13:17)msj33 Wrote:  
(2017-01-14 19:14)dmacias Wrote:  
(2017-01-14 15:46)Ruckus Wrote:  i just tried installing this this morning and got the error from the rep version:

ERROR: [Pushbullet]: 8 EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:661)

tried installing the version posted a page or so ago and it's giving the same error.

Rpi3 libreelec.

You can try the develop verison. It worked for me. There's a pull request that hasn't happened yet.

Edit: Just replace the add-on files with these from the dev branch.

UPDATE!: This Develop edition addon link above seems to be working just fine and installs as version 0.8.32!

I could not get any of the other links to work! and the .zip with 0.8.32 never gets installed properly?! (So ends up with the 8 EOF violation error)

I have now a working Pushbullet version 0.8.32(Develop edition) running on:
Windows 10 - Kodi 17.1
LibreELEC 8.0.1 - Kodi 17.1


Hi Morten,

can you please let me know, how you've installed it? Did you overwrite all the files in your add-on directory (containing an offical Pushbullet plugin) from the .zip file, or you have unindtalled the officiaƩ version, and istalled the .zip in the conventional way via add-on manager?

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upandcumming Offline
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In the Push Handling area in settings, could a Queue option be added to Play Instantly, Ignore and Show Notification?
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mujunk Offline
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Just testing out Kodi 18 Libreleec milhouse builds. Noticed that the pushes do not automatically play, but will play when clicked from the addon interface.
Am I missing a trick here?
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