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Feature Request - Titan skin feature requests

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Exclamation  RE: Titan skin feature requests
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I have a feature to request.

When you select view plot in videoinfo panel it would be nice this infopanel also had the option of "use color overgang effect on osd". So the panel on top and on the bottom have the "overgang"effect on the video osd. Good idea right :-)

Would be very nice to see this in the next update. Thanks for the skin any hoe.

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(2015-01-04 02:14)marcelveldt Wrote:  
(2015-01-04 02:03)mgonzales Wrote:  I am not a actual user of the ROM Collection browser but it's my understanding that the skin that it comes with by default is in the style of confluence.

I think skin support is just you defining skins /overlays for your particular skin to match the style.

Beyond that I don't think there's any real integration with the skin itself...

It looks a tad involved but I found this resource / wiki page with info on skin dev for it:

Hope that helps,


@Tim8 and mario:

thanks for the additional info. Looks pretty straight forward with the info I see now.
I've added it to my todo list (first post on this thread) so will add it somewhere within the next few weeks.
Also a win for me because the wife asked me a while ago to add the old super mario bros to our httpc which I believe is possible with this addon :-)

Hey! This was a long time ago but was this ever added? I got a new Fire TV and I'm setting up ROM collection browser and Titan isn't a skin I can select.... I can't remember if it worked before or not? Thanks!
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Would it be possible to have landscape images in the netflix views as an alternative to posters

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I request to be able to select the location of the next up notification next episode that pops up on the screen. I would like to change it to the bottom of the screen. Thanks.

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Thanks again for this great skin Smile

Wondering if it's possible to do the following,

From the Home screen>Displayed Background Item

Let me explain, while scrolling the Home screen and I see a Picture, Artist, Etc.. One click takes me directly to THAT Picture etc..

Currently it goes to the Node and I have to find the folder then the Pic or Song, Artist Etc..

I don't know how useful this may be for others but I have 1000's of Pictures in there and it would really be cool to go straight to whichever one is showing. Maybe a clickable option for Home screen Items. Thanks
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(2017-09-08 17:32)Grumpyman Wrote:  Would it be possible to have landscape images in the netflix views as an alternative to posters


I was gonna request this as well Smile

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