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Release Pandoki - Pandora Internet Radio (Update 2nd Sept 2016: v0.9.3)
Here's a Pandora player I've been working on. It does not use a custom GUI like the official Pandora plugin. It uses XBMC native playlist and keeps a running list of songs played. It can optionally skip advertisements and save tracks to the Music Library with MusicBrainz tagging. You can also rate songs Thumbs Up/Down by adjusting the number of stars in the Song Info screen. (see below for details)

After installing, fill out Pandora username and password. It will show your list of stations. Play one and you'll be brought to the playlist which updates as new songs queue. If enabled, tracks will be saved, tagged, and can be added to the XBMC Music Library. Let me know how it works for you and any problems you encounter.

ZIP Download: plugin.audio.pandoki-0.9.3.zip (System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file)
Repo Download: repository.gominoa-0.1.0.zip (Music -> Add-ons -> Get More -> Pandoki -> Install)

Song rating: Open "Song information" (press 'i') and adjust stars (choose Basic/Expert in Add-on settings)
* 5,4,3 - Thumbs Up
  2,1   - Thumbs Down and Skip
* 0     - Clear Previous Rating

  5 - Create and Play New Station Based on Song
* 4 - Add Song to current Station Variety
* 3 - Thumbs Up
  2 - Mark Song Tired and Skip (wont play for 30 days)
  1 - Thumbs Down and Skip
* 0 - Clear Previous Rating
(* There's no visual indication that these work, but they do. See 'Station details' on pandora.com via webbrowser)


Add to userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml :

When on the Playlist F1-F6 will rate the currently PLAYING song accordingly.
Elsewhere F1 will go to playlist, F2 will go to station list, F3 will play station 1234.

Search kodi.log for "pandoki Play" and replace 1234 above with station id
Or use the full number from Pandora "Station details" url
example log:   NOTICE: plugin.audio.pandoki Play  OK 1234 'Some Station Radio'
example url:   http://www.pandora.com/station/1234567891233456789

Station Management: (context menu)

Profile Settings
   Account - You can have 3
   Username - Pandora Username (email address)
   Password - Pandora Password
   Pandora One - Enable if you have a Pandora One subscription

   Proxy (does not work in 'Stream Only' mode. See below)
      Global - Use OS / XBMC global proxy settings
      None - Ignore OS / XBMC global proxy settings
      Custom - Define proxy for Pandoki only
      SNI Support - Turn on if your proxy needs SNI (requires pyOpenSSL/ndg-httpsclient/pyasn1)

General Settings
   Sort Stations - Sort Station List by (newest/oldest/a-z)
   Audio Quality - Stream quality (high/med/low)
   Rating Mode - Basic/Expert (see above)

   Track Handling - If a song is found in the cache/library it will play from there instead of redownloading
      Stream Only - Uses no disk space. Plays direct from Pandora. (cannot skip ads, no proxy)
      Cache Only - Temporarily cache tracks
      Save Liked Tracks - Save tracks rated 3+ stars to Library folder (see below)
      Save All Tracks - Save all tracks tagged by MusicBrainz to Library folder
   Save Playlist - Save a StationName.m3u playlist of liked tracks to Library folder
   Skip Ads - Attempt to skip advertisements

Advanced Settings
   Playlist History - How many tracks to keep in the playlist
   Advert Size - Tracks smaller than this (kb) are considered adverts (Too high will skip valid tracks)
   Track Prefetch - How many seconds of song to download before playing (Too low will cut off first song)

Folder Settings
   Cache - Temporary directory for tracks so repeats are not redownloaded
   Library - Save tagged tracks to this directory. Add this folder to your XBMC Music Library!

Thank you works great thus far!!!
working for me too, thanks!
I just wanted to say thanks. This is awesome!

It even works as a favorite widget in my eminence skin, being able to quickly go through my channels. If you were thinking of updating this at all, my only suggestion would be to pull fanart for the background of the channel or artist playing.
Looks cool, there's no keyboard in Helix Alpha3

Works great in Gotham nice work...

It even supports Artist Slideshow very nice...

No more boring Pandora ui very very nice...

thanks Smile

oops... it stopped working after about 3 hours of enjoyment :/ it plays for a second and stops
Any chance you could add proxy support for users outside the U.S. ?
(2014-10-03, 15:13)wpbpete Wrote: Looks cool, there's no keyboard in Helix Alpha3
You mean keyboard for user/pass? I see it in Helix Alpha4.

(2014-10-03, 15:13)wpbpete Wrote: oops... it stopped working after about 3 hours of enjoyment :/ it plays for a second and stops
I've had that happen twice, both times running it overnight and finding it in the morning stuck at song 60ish.
If you immediately back out and pick the station again does it resume playing?
I think it might be some kind of pandora limit.
Thanks for this. Seems to work fine in both Gotham and Helix, using Aeon MQ5 on Gotham and artist slideshow and cu-lrc lyrics seem to work. Has everything I was using in the old json pandora addon so will probably use yours instead.

scott s.
I'll have to install Alpha4 on my test box.

I tried going back in several times and nothing. Plays for a second and gone. Reinstalled it and still the same. It still downloads artist info and the it looks like it's playing something but no sound.

I'm happy to help you figure it out. Let me know what other info you need.
Do they happen to be 00:42 second songs in the playlist? Also, are you getting ads? I got no ads until today, but I'm new to pandora so don't know how they do things.
They are 00:42 seconds, no ads... I was going to mention that, then I noticed that it loops.
It sounds like you've already seen what I'm describing so I'm hopeful, here is a portion of the debug showing some errors

18:27:17 T:3548 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP response code said error(22)
18:27:17 T:3548 NOTICE: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Reconnect, (re)try 1
18:27:18 T:3548 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP response code said error(22)
18:27:18 T:3548 ERROR: CCurlFile::CReadState::Connect, didn't get any data from stream.
18:27:18 T:3548 ERROR: XFILE::CFileCache::Open - failed to open source <http://mediaserver-sv5-rt-1.pandora.com/access/1062621863180663530.mp4?

8:27:20 T:5220 ERROR: dll_fgets emulated function failed
18:27:20 T:5220 ERROR: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: HTTP response code said error(22) for http://mediaserver-sv5-rt-1.pandora.com/...63530.mp4/?

Alpha4 is working Smile
(2014-10-03, 16:06)Eye in the sky Wrote: Any chance you could add proxy support for users outside the U.S. ?
It appears to me that it will automatically use the global XBMC proxy settings if you fill them out (after a restart) at:
System->Settings->System->Internet Access

Are you wanting to use proxy for only Pandora?
I would rather not use the global proxy settings.

The old Pandora Radio Script has build-in proxy support, but unfortunately this feature stopped working months ago.
The ads must've reset, it's playing perfectly again
Updated to 0.2.1. Managed to play 150 songs in a row before it stopped due to typo (fixed).

It will now optionally save tracks to a folder that can be added to your music library. No tagging yet, but it saves them to 'userdata/addon_data/plugin.audio.pandoraslim/Pandora/' as 'Artist/Album/Title.strm'. I hope to add tagging so they integrate into the rest of the Music library.
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