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93 database contributions are still waiting for moderation @ IMVDb for more than 2 months now and still no response.

any one?
(2016-01-05, 14:19)swift88 Wrote: 93 database contributions are still waiting for moderation @ IMVDb for more than 2 months now and still no response.

You're not alone. I have two Traveling Wilburys videos from 12/20/2015 and have seen no action on it.

This scraper is ultimately useless if the database it uses cannot be updated to support new videos not already in the database.
Try direct messaging them on Twitter.


There is also a contributors page

thanks zag.

I don't have a twitter account or any other social network.
Already sent a request to become a contributor 2 months ago...
didn't get any response to it either...
I just had the two videos I submitted approved!
Noob question can anyone tell me how to install this on Kodibuntu? And if it's still working?
Answered my own question to those who may also need to know how spent about 45 minutes researching how:

1. Hold Ctrl + Alt and press the F1 Key
2. You will be prompted to enter your login information for access to command prompt.
3. Enter this command cd ~/.kodi/addons
4. Enter this command curl LOk https://github.com/tphoenix/metadata.mus...master.zip
5. Enter this command unzip master.zip
6. Enter this command rm master.zip
7. Enter this command sudo reboot

After system reboot go into your files and change content on your music video folders to the imvdb, and then it'll prompt you to scan using the new scraper. Hope this helps others oit using Kodibuntu.

This scraper found 625 items where the old official scraper only found 200 at best. Major thumbs up.
Is it possible to get this on the official repo?
I do my own music video tags, faster and with 100% accuracy

To give a brief outline I have my video as such

Folder > 2015 - Music Artist - Song Title
====== File > 2015 - Music Artist - Song Title

I use MP3 Tag and convert file name to tag, so that it populates fields that I need.

I then use export file

%year% - %artist% - %title%.nfo

The NFO it creates

$filename(%year% - %artist% - %title%.nfo,utf-8)


It takes two seconds to do a music video and with 100% accuracy.

I can do a 100% complete guide if some one needs it but I gave up using scrapers for music videos ages ago as the results was disappointing. If say for example you have 20 music videos for Aerosmith for example, you can do the nfo files within a minute.
Please create a new thread for that. This topic is for the IMVDB scraper discussions.

Try the tips and tricks forum http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=110
I was hopeful for this scraper, reading the thread, but unfortunately it has a habit of attributing group names and song titles completely inaccurately. For example, if it doesn't know the artist but the song name is found, it'll add the video to the library as the band that matched.

Alpine - Empire.mkv gets added as Dokken - Empire. Completely wrong, and I was seeing this over and over again. If the behaviour could be customised to avoid adding on a weak match, and only adding on a match on both ARTIST and TITLE, then I think the results might be somewhat better. Over my 1500 music videos, about 2/3 were added to the library incorrectly.

I'm trying to offer constructive criticism here, not tear down the (obviously awesome) work that's been done on this scraper so far.
Is there a music video scraper that will add the album info to that database for music videos.... My pet peeves with music videos is seeing the artist pics then ablums only in list form... I was wondering if Kodi core would support the scrapping of the ablums metadata as well to get a more complete experience when browsing music videos.
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Is this scraper still available for Kodi v17 and updated? Thread has not been updated in almost two months.
Queria haceros una pregunta, tengo una carpeta de videoclips en mi externo que enchufo a kodi y cargo todas las peliculas, series y videoclips desde ahi.

El problema que tengo es el siguiente, agrego la fuente de videoclips de mi externo pero no me aparecen los videos. Os pongo una imagen de como tengo yo el interior de la carpeta de videoclips para que me digais si estan bien etoquetados[/font][/font]

[font][font]Y mi otra duda es: queria descargar este raspador y agregarlo para usarlo con los videloclips, ya que como comentais aqui seria bueno para los videoclips, pero no se como tengo que hacerlo. [/font][/font]

[font][font]Como tendria que hacer? [/font][/font]




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