[SOLVED] Video addons fail to download but Program Add-ons OK
My ride is Gotham 13.2 using Confluence on Ubuntu LTS 14.x 64 bit. I was using the beta build but after an uninstall and purge of XBMC I am now using the stable build.

The RSS feed says the mirrors are back online but this problem is persisting for me....when I try to install a Video add-on it briefly shows "0% downloading" and then nothing.

My debug log.

A test download of http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/frodo/met...-1.2.4.zip is successful and the server address is http://xbmc.os6.org

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

*edit* I edited the title to more accurately reflect the issue.... I am able to install Program Add-Ons (the XBMC Back up plugin for one) but I still can not install any Video Add-On (I am trying to get the Missing Movie plugin working). My weather and RSS feed works and I am not seeing any traffic blocked to my HTPC by my pfsense router.
Still working on this issue and I came across this thread which exactly describes the problem and the server side fix (fix is on page 2).


I do not know if it's the same problem or not but a server side fix is out of my hands. Is there a way to escalate this to the attention of a developer?
it could indeed by a problem with our mirroring system.

for legal reasons (read: better safe than sorry) we don't hosts any plugin on US mirrors.
it sounds like you're being incorrectly directed to such a mirror and thus the file won't be available.

i'll see if i can get some attention from the guys who know way more about our mirroring setup than i do.
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where does a direct video download re-direct you too?
if it's also to http://xbmc.os6.org/ that would be strange as they don't have that.
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^^ what he said

The mirroring system will not redirect to a server that doesn't have the file
http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/frodo/plu...mirrorlist <- this shows you where that file is available.

The issue we had previously was simply an issue with the server config for one US server getting its file availability info from the EU counterpart from the same provider (eg it was wrongly configured).
This is not the case anymore. I don't see anything wrong from a server side perspective right now.

If you could possibly try with a nightly build of Kodi, we have added debug log information that shows which mirror is being picked by the application. This might help the troubleshooting.
I can certainly understand the caution required hosting add-ons.

The direct video download link re-directed me to with a 404 error (file not found).

I'll look into Kodi over the weekend. Can Kodi co-exist with Gotham or am I better off to un-install first?

Thank you.
You can build Kodi from source and install it somewhere off your home directory, then run it in portable mode if you want a side-by-side installation. That way, it won't use any of the existing userdata in .xbmc
Learning Linux the hard way !!

When I clicked Martijn's link initially I received a block message from Squidguard running on my pfSense based router. Disabling the option forcing url's to only use FQDN ( fully qualified domain names) allowed me to test Martijn's link successfully. It took a few minutes for the AH HA! moment to arrive but I tested XBMC and I was able to download/install the missing movie addon that I've been after.

I checked my router's logs and I was still not seeing the block caused by that option so I apologize for the wild goose chase. I had considered by-passing the router at one point but didn't see a need for it with the logs clear. I've seen a few other threads around with this issue so for others benefit try by-passing your router.

Thanks for the help in getting me going down the right path to fix this.

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[SOLVED] Video addons fail to download but Program Add-ons OK0
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