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hi folks,

just wondering if someone could elaborate further on the following advancesettings.xml options:

# amount to pan images as a percentage of the screen


# amount to zoom images as a percentage of the screen


# amount to compensate (zoom) images to attempt to reduce black bars. results in cropping of the longer length of the image in order to reduce the black bars on the shorter length of the image. defaults to 20.


for example, how would one disable the "floating" feature and set the zoom on a 1024x768 image so as to fill a 16x9 display.

in the earlier builds of xbmc, i use to set the "floating" feature to 0 and set the "zoom" feature to 37% which would effectively remove the black bars on each side of the image.


set panamount to 0.

set zoomamount to 0 if you don't want it to "zoom float"

set blackbarcompensation to enough so that a 4x3 image fills a 16x9 screen.

set it to 16x9/4x3 - 1 = 1/3 * 100% = 34.

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hi jonathan,

thank you for you the quick response.


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