No Episode title in EPG possible?

I was wondering why I do not see any episode title in the EPG. It seems that this function is not supported (yet)? Is that so?

I use the PVR Addon of DVBLink.

This is how it looks in the Web Interface of DVBLink:


and this is how it looks in XBMC:

No your right, no support for this, but i really hope it will come after Helix.
If backend has the info Kodi should too
Oh ok!

So I hope even it'll be implemented asap Smile

I think this is an essential feature for a HTPC with LiveTV capabilities!
there is a pending PR 4824 (PR) .. but not for our upcoming Kodi 14 (Helix) release.
So I'll look forward to see this (and all the other things from the link) in versions after Helix :-)

This is the last one preventing me to change from WMC to Kodi! Wink
EpisodeName exsist in database of EPG,Only autors of xbmc-Kodi forgot to create
{ "episodename", LISTITEM_EPISODENAME },
in GUIInfomanager.cpp & ...h
After this ,author of PVR ....they forgot too (I know this for IPTV Simple ,maybe others no)

If Team Change GUI maybe we have this in our EPG ,and oher stuf like on picture bilow
I close my pull request,becouse they dont want to change API Huh
Only one worth mentioning as far as PVR,
@Jalle19 & @xhaggi
XBoxMediaCenter (Kodi Leia) 18.0 , LibreElec RasPi3 Libreelec-Leia Skin AeonMQ6
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