Yeelight service / add on
Cool!!! For the time being there is only testyee1-4... I will add on, off, flow, etc.... in time Smile Important thing is that it works!
(2017-05-04, 15:28)mohican9 Wrote: The following action:
is working as action of Cinemavision.
So can you help me what other arguments can I use in place of ""testyee1"?
Thanx again Smile

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In case you don't see it in my YeeMee addon thread, could be interesting for home automation etc:

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Just got the white bulb Smile Waiting for the led stripe Smile
Here's the video on unboxing, configuring and testing the Yeelight (white) bulb with Kodi and YeeMee addon....

OK, I have been working and made a major breakthrough Smile With my lack of knowledge in Kodi programming, it is a wonder I bumped into this command... this enables us to... use Yeelight bulb/strip as a cheap Ambilight. Now, it is still not in early Alpha stage, it is just a test, but it removes what I thought was major obstacle for acheiving this - capturing and analyzing the video playing in Kodi. Just see the video for more info.

Lightstrip just arrived...

I knew you could have pulled a couple of rabbits out of your hat
Now the problem is only sending commands to Yeelights - as you probably know, Yeelight allo only 60 commands per minute, which is not enough. In order to send more you need to activate "music mode", which requires to communicate via TCP server. So I need to figure this out.

We discussed under your video on YouTube.

I installed Your YeeMee addon, and its very useful, so thank You for this.

But there is a "bug" ; The default color is red. I changed it to a warm white (more like a yellow), and every time I pause or stop the video, the first color is red then it changes to my configured color right away.

Please let me know, what do You think.

And of course I can't wait to see Your Yeelight Ambilight addon Smile

Keep up the good work, and have a nice day
Hello, welcome to the Kodi forum! Smile

The problem is that you can't set colors unless you turn on th bulb. And when you turn it on, it goes to the last state. So the solution must be to set the bulb to some color and turn it off. Then it should remember the state. I will have a look at this, if I can find a way to prevent it.
Okay, Thanks for the reply.

May I ask, how the Yeelight Ambilight project is progressing? Smile

I managed to make TCP server and send the commands to the bulb in "music mode" but I need to integrate everything... I would appreciate any help from someone who knows anything about socks, etc Smile
I wish I could help You...

But I'm more than certain, that You will make it. Smile

I will check this forum every day, I can't wait to see this project working Smile

BTW. It will be a standalone addon or You're going to integrate into the YeeMee addon?

Thanks and have a nice day
I thought it better to include it in the existing addon, otherwise they might start to "fight" Smile Normal lights control uses different approach of sending commands than the "music" mode.

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