Can Kodi use MB Picard Last.FM Plus tags like Mood, Occasion etc)?

I tag using Musicbrainz Picard with Last.FM Plus plugin. This generates and populates additional tags from Last.FM...


I recently updated to Kodi and was hoping it would now be possible to make use of these additional tags, but still doesn't seem possible. Something I'm missing here? Is it possible please, either natively or perhaps via an add-on?

I've previously copied the 'Mood' tag to 'Comments' when tagging, so I could at least create a smart playlist for moods that way, but it would be good if Kodi supported additional tags natively.

Thank you
Anyone please? I understand it scrapes mood's, themes etc, but wouldn't it be better to use the tags (as above) already present within the MP3? It doesn't get much more comprehensive after scanning via MB/lastfm plug combo. As already experienced after scanning just a small selection of albums, scraping via UAS is often missing such these tags, tags that are already available within the MP3 itself.

Also within music library is there no way to add 'Moods', 'Themes' etc to display the ones that UAS is capable of scraping, so you have...


I know it's possible to create smartplay lists, but then you have to try guess moods/themes, as you have no way of knowing them all.
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Can Kodi use MB Picard Last.FM Plus tags like Mood, Occasion etc)?00
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