Watchlist and queue questions
I love this skin! I installed it last week.

I am confused by the Watchlist for movies. The wiki says the script will show all movies that are in progress. So, why have a Watchlist menu option and another "In Progress" menu option? Is it just leftover from a past version? Are there differences?

Also when I choose "add to queue" for a movie, I don't see anywhere to view my queue. Is there some kind of custom menu script I could use to make a Queue link?
Without checking the code (sorry I don't have reFocus installed on any booted machine at the mo) - the watchlist items are from my own script.watchlist, in progress will most likely be a link to a playlist. If that's correct, the only practical difference is the method used to return the items (and a playlist item would be faster) - I keep meaning to make improvements to the movies watchlist - to show not just in progress, but recently added too - but I've never got around to it (and my focus is very firmly elsewhere at present.)

(And to be fair, the primary focus of script.watchlist is the episodes watchlist, which will return a far more full set of items - in progress, first unwatched, next unwatched after last played episode (optionally!), first unwatched of new shows, etc, than can be managed from a playlist)

Sorry, don't know about the queue.
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