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[MOD] Aeon MQ 5 for Kodi 14 Helix
Updated 06/19/2015 Aeon MQ5 Helixmod 6.1.9
Version 6.1.9 has been merged into github master. If you have the repository installed it should offer the update (or update automatically if auto-update is on).

Aeon MQ5 for Kodi Helix 14.x version (Helixmod)

This thread is for my mods to MQ 5 for Helix, otherwise known as "Helixmod". Much of the basic work was done by Orby, and I added mainly stuff for PVR and few things that MQ 5 missed in Gotham. I also include my tweaks (aren't too massive), for the most part some changes to the English (US) language file and replacement fonts that include CJK characters (among others). Also a few tweaks having to do with info displayed for Music Videos. Since the original release of Helixmod, a number of user requested changes have been added, and various latent bugs that I found have been corrected. Since Marcos Qui has announced that Aeon MQ6 from version 2.2.0 is going to be built for Kodi 15.x (Isengard) Helixmod may be your best bet to continue use of Marcos' excellent skin in Helix. Note that a separate version of Aeon MQ5 is available for Kodi 15.x while we wait for MQ6 public release. There is a separate thread for Isengardmod but as feasible I will attempt to keep any changes consistent in both mod versions.

Installing / Updating Helixmod

The preferred method of installing Helixmod is by installing the repository in Kodi addons.

1. Download the repository zip file from Github.
Repository is here:

You download this as a zip file and install it like any other Kodi addon (install from zipfile in addon browser). Once you have this installed / enabled as a repository in Kodi (it should look like this in the addon browser):


Note: you may need to restart Kodi to refresh the repository

You can then use the "get add-ons" option in the addon browser to install helixmod. Just navigate to this repository or "all add-ons" and then select the "skin" category. Then install Aeon MQ5 Helix:


When you install Aeon MQ5 Helix from the repository, it will create a new folder in your userdata addons folder (skin.aeonmq5.helixmod). If you previously installed the original Aeon MQ5 (example: it was installed in 13.x/Gotham and you upgraded to Kodi/Helix) your original MQ5 folder and all settings are retained. However, Helixmod uses the same settings as the original MQ5, so any settings changes will affect both. Also, because Helix has changed various features the main (Home) menu from Gotham will not work correctly. You should use the customize main menu feature in Helixmod, or reset your skin settings if your main menu or submenus are not working correctly. Also remember any stored menu or presets from Gotham will probably not work correctly either.

2. For movie "sets"/collections, you must download the script.skin.info.service-master and install as an addon from here:
Use the "download zip" button to get a zip file which you can then add via the addon browser "add from zip". I anticipate sometime in the future this addon will be added to the main Kodi repository so you won't have to manually download and install it.

I see now that after PR #5663 was merged into Kodi master, it is no longer required to use a modified "addon.xml" for service.skin.widgets (but the mod file does work). As of 7/22/2015 the skin widgets addon has been updated to ver 0.0.30. Users of MQ5 can let this update complete and no action is required.

+++++++++++++++++++ not required ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
3. To get all the functioning of video widgets, it is necessary to replace a text (xml) file which is installed with the addon "service.skin.widgets". This addon will be installed when you first install Helixmod, but the file must be replaced manually. This file is located in your userdata area. The exact location of your userdata is system dependent. See the wiki here for details: userdata (wiki) Within your userdata navigate to the addons folder and then the service.skin.widgets folder. Inside this folder is the file addon.xml. This is the file which must be replaced. The replacement file is available here in zip form:
Zipped addon.xml for service.skin.widgets. Download this file, open it, and copy/replace the single file addon.xml.

If you do not want to install the repository, you can download Helixmod 6.1.9 from here
Direct link to 6.1.9 zip file:

Download this file and use the Kodi addons manager "install from zip file" to install the skin directly.


New in version 6.1.9:

1. The skin reset functions to export and import all skin settings now requires script.toolbox. This addon should be installed automatically. When you select to export or import, a browse popup will allow you to set the location for the export or import file.

2. A new "shelfcase" view mode is available for videos file types. This view builds on the standard "shelf" view mode. Thanks to user "djoole" for supplying this new view mode.

3. For music files, you can now select to show audio CD case when in wall view mode.

4. Various cleanups have been done in the windows displayed by the rom collection browser addon. Note that I have found setting some off the RCB settings causes the addon to behave strangely. If you are having problems with RCB stopping or throwing errors please try to reset the RCB settings back to default first.

5. I made some changes to get video and music genres icons showing better in various view modes. Note that due to a limitation in Kodi, if you select the "alternative genre icon location" (that is, not from extrapack) your alternative genre icons won't be used in certain views. I recommend simply putting your preferred genre icons into the extrapack.

New audiocd case option for wall view mode:


Shelfcase view mode:


scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472
Thanks for this mate! The only thing I'm struggling with is the lack of info in the "Right List" view....besides that it's perfect!
@scott967 & @orby - just wanted to say thanks for doing this
first_time_user (wiki) | free content (wiki) | forum rules (wiki) | PVR (wiki) | Debug Log (wiki)

The official Kodi version does not contain any content what so ever. This means that you should provide your own content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own. Additionally Kodi allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. The watching or listening of illegal or pirated content which would otherwise need to be paid for is not endorsed or approved by Team Kodi.

thank you for this!

Just today I reinstalled Kodi and wanted to use Aeon MQ (earlier I used Aeon Nox but somehow I had the feeling it isn't as pretty as MQ).

Found a bug:

While adding videos to the library I added my password protected SMB share. But the "enter username/password" windows didn't pop up, it was invisible. So I switched to Confluence, entered the login manually and switched back.
Worked great for me, thank you scott967 Smile
Hi Guys

Thanks for taking the time to do this mod, for me themes are greyed out did I miss something,
fantastic , didnt want to try helix without my favourite skin . big shame about the rightlist view tho as its the one i use 99% of the time
Thanks for the effort. I love AeonMQ skins, but i like also to stay update with my preferred media player, so.... :-)
Has anyone tried this MOD on the latest Opelec Beta? 4.95.2? When I try to install this mod I am receiving an error saying that files are missing.

However, when installed on Windows, no issue during the install of this MOD.
Yup I have it installed on OE Beta 2 and had no problems installing.
(2014-11-15, 02:11)moronim Wrote: Has anyone tried this MOD on the latest Opelec Beta? 4.95.2? When I try to install this mod I am receiving an error saying that files are missing.

However, when installed on Windows, no issue during the install of this MOD.

I actually got that error on one of my windows setup too, didnt have time to troubleshoot so I unistalled and installed kodi again then it worked.
When I'm playing some music and the lyrics come up there seems to be a new thing there called TTPlayer with playback controls....is there a way to put this back to the way it was by Marcos please? Thanks!
i don't think so to be helix compatible i had to rename the template file that controlled it, i may have missed a call for that file in Marcos's files so it goes to a default view i will investigate if i get a moment

also can i get a bit of info on this right list view issue as it could be down to extended info as i know philip has updated his add-ons quite a bit and separated them so you may have updated thus wiping that info out
please try this i think it's a naming issue by me in the 720p folder for the skin look for script-cu-lrclyrics-main.xml and remove the .xml tag from the name so it's named script-cu-lrclyrics-main
I don't have extended info installed. The info missing from "Right List" is simply the titles of the movies. They're blank....you still see the fanart and cover and disc art....just no movie titles!
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[MOD] Aeon MQ 5 for Kodi 14 Helix4.56
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