HOW-TO install XBMC as dash with SID 4.5 softmod
i was asked this in several locations outside here so i figured i'd just write it up and be done so if it helps.....

sid 4.5 softmod exploit makes use of a virtual parition for c and a shortcut xbe file in the actual c:\bios folder (bios.xbe)

xbmc currently has to run from a central location making use of a shortcut xbe file. however with this particular flavor that shortcut is already in place. it will look for default.xbe in one of 3 locations:
e:\dashboards\default.xbe, e:\dash\default.xbe or e:\evoxdash.xbe... if none of these are located it will default to c\rescuedash\main.xbe

so after all this humdrum the fastest and easiest way to get xbmc as a dash when using this particular softmod is simply put your xbmc installation in e:\dash by ftping in after the softmod has completed.

**softmods arent really supported here but it is a legit method of modification if you can get it to work.
i have been having a real problem with shortcuts nothing works - followed the manual and this post but doesn't work. the evolution dash always comes up. i did a sid 4.5 softmod.

any ideas?
after you install the sid 4.5 create a folder on e called "dash" and put your xbmc install there.. hold in mind dont but the xbmc folder in the dash folder it should be the files themselves so e:\dash\default.xbe etc. this has to be done after the softmod is complete however as the last step sid takes is to delete e:\dash\

this didn't work for me... Sad
Can you confirm the version of the softmod your using please. I sit here doing this exactly as I described on a daily basis.
I used the SID 4.5 n-knave edition (ndure) - have the evolution dash.

I have tried exactly what you suggested but it always boots to the evox dash.

Thanks for your help!
Whats the layout on your E drive (files and foldernames)
This is my e:

/dash (created by me and moved the xbmc to the folder not separate folder)

Jack, if you like learning you might wanna look at my bootup guide. it'll give you the background on this stuff:
Hi guys,

I had exactly the same problem - modded using SID 4.5, tried to do the "XBMC Wiki Option 1" method to get XBMC as a dash, and managed to FUBAR the HD Wink
Hey ho - sorting that now tho..

As i'm using a t3ch build, I believe the T3ch updater expects the \xbmc folder to be in e:\apps (which I created and ftp'd to).

Rather than install Xmbc (t3ch) to e:\dash, could I not set up the cfg and xbe shortcut somewhere (as in Wiki, option 1) - so Xbmc could be installed to e:\apps?


1. Does installeding XBMC to e:\dash stop the T3ch updater working?
2. I believe you can set these (new) paths in t3ch updater?
3. Is it easier / possible to edit the cfg / xbe shortcut, like in the wiki?

Thanks in advance Smile
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I am not sure if anyone has thought of this, but why couldn't the softmod be modified to include a "auto-start" application with a user setable time out value, very similiar to something that would look like GRUB.

This would make the situation simple. Define the auto-start in settings in EVOX. Define the time value (0-10 secs) to default to EVOX desktop, and if nothing is pressed, it goes straight to firing up XBMC as defined.

I too hosed my XBOX HD with the wiki method and now am very leary of messing with anything.

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