Suggestion: Per series/season video/subtitle settings
Swapping between non-subtitled and subtitled series is very frustrating to have to turn subtitles on or off. It would be beneficial that when viewing an episode through the TvShows interface (instead of files) that an additional option of "apply to..." and be able to choose file, season, or series on a submenu. This would store in yet another table linking to the tv show series/season/file. When playing back a check to see if one of three fields (or two fields, enum/int and foreign key) is set to perform settings lookup.
What is your native language? I mean, which audio do you not need subtitles for?

I have a small addon service for my own use that automatically changes the audio stream to English. I dont think it would be too difficult to edit it so that it enables or disables subtitles based on the audio track that is being played.
So for example anime would need subtitles, but an mkv series in english (packed with subtitles) wouldn't. Also some mkv's/etc have different subtitle indexes that may be preferred (ie #1 could be 100% subtitle, #2 is non-english parts). It's the idea of allowing the global subtitle/video settings to be applied/stored based upon series/season/episode or movie.
Cant do much about the variable subtitle selection without a tonne of more work, but here is a service that does some of what you talked about.

The first thing is does when you start playing something is switch off the subtitles. It will then check the audio streams for what you are playing. If it recognises one as your preferred language, it changes to that audiostream. If it cant find one in your language, then it switch on subtitles.

It defaults to English, so dont forget to set your language in the Settings.
Maybe this addon helps you.
Nice, that'd do it!
I have to bring up this thread again. IMO we should remember the last selected audio and subtitle language and apply these automatically to every episode of a show. So if I f.e. start watching Breaking Bad in English which is not the default audio stream, then every following up episode should automatically switch to the same language until I change it again. This should be done without having to set audio settings as default via the OSD dialog.
I'll cast in my vote for this feature as well. Ace's add-on solves almost all the problems I was having with watching shows in various languages, but there's still a few issues that this feature would fix. Mainly with the fact that although some of my shows have English voice-overs, some of them are done very poorly, so I'd rather watch them in their original language with subtitles. Unfortunately with Ace's solution, this means that I'm still stuck changing the audio settings for each episode of shows that fall under this category.

Kodi already has an insane amount of customizability, so I've never had any issue getting it to behave exactly as I want. This is the first instance where I've hit a road block in that regard. This feature seems like a no-brainer, so hopefully it can be implemented in an upcoming version.

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Suggestion: Per series/season video/subtitle settings0
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