Win HOW TO - Launch MPC-HC/MPC-BE with madVR as an External Player
(2014-12-29, 18:18)wints Wrote: Brilliant guide Warner, just a couple of things I cant get sorted out

1. When I stop the movie it doesn't return to Kodi interface I after exit Mpc-hc manually (right click exit or Alt-X)
2.Some of my movies are playing how they used to using Kodi's player but with Mpc-hc some are playing in a window mode (like an original size)

Hope this makes sense, any ideas? cheers

1. Stop and Exit must be the same command. That way when you stop the movie, MPC-HC should close automatically. In the case of the example keymap, that key is X. Make sure the command you use for Stop and Exit is not repeated elsewhere in the keymap. The only place X should appear is under the commands "Stop" and "Exit." If it is repeated elsewhere, the command will not be read correctly. It might also be that your remote does not recognize keyboard commands. In this case, Stop and Exit should be controlled by the command Media_Stop instead. I placed X and Media_Stop under both Stop and Exit in the beginning to be certain this command was recognized. Lastly, I am sure there is a checkbox in MPC-HC settings regarding the behavior of the player when stopped. I don't think this checkbox matters if you have a key to exit the player, but check its setting, regardless.

2. Having videos launch in windowed mode has happened to me. As I mention in the Tips section of the keymap, the video size can be altered in MPC-HC in many ways. During playback, right-click and navigate to "Video Frame." This setting should be set to "Touch Window from Inside."

Both of your issues have been encountered before, so I have some faith they can be easily fixed.

Let me know if you get it working!

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