Win HOW TO - Launch MPC-HC/MPC-BE with madVR as an External Player

I'd like to use MPC-HC for MKV but only with a videocodec H265 (or HEVC), and use the classical Kodi dvdplayer for all other files.
Is it possible to do so with the playercorefactory.xml ?

My playercorefactory.xml looks like this, but it currently uses MPC-HC for all MKV files (H264 and H265) :

        <player name="MPC-HC" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
            <filename>C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\mpc-hc64.exe</filename>
            <args>"{1}" /fullscreen /play /close</args>
    <rules action="prepend">
        <rule filetypes="mkv" player="MPC-HC">
        <rule video="true" player="dvdplayer">

I've tried to change this line
        <rule filetypes="mkv" player="MPC-HC">
        <rule videocodec=".*hevc.*" player="MPC-HC">

but when I click on a MKV file (H264 or H265) to read it, it allways uses the DVDPlayer (and not MPC-HC for H265 files).

So maybe the codec cannot be read before lauching the video ? Or the ".*hevc.*" is not correctly written in the xml file ?
Or maybe do I have to write into a nfo file that the codec of the movie is hevc, but how ?

For more information about this rule based on videocodec that I've tried, when I make a right clic on a movie and select "Read with", it shows the correct default player (MPC-HC for H265 mkv files, and DVDPlayer for other files), but a simple left click on the movie does not run the correct player (allways DVDPlayer).

Waiting for some help, Blush

Best regards

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HOW TO - Launch MPC-HC/MPC-BE with madVR as an External Player7
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