Win HOW TO - Launch MPC-HC/MPC-BE with madVR as an External Player
(2015-03-29, 17:32)xcalibur1408 Wrote: Hi,

I'd like to use MPC-HC for MKV but only with a videocodec H265 (or HEVC), and use the classical Kodi dvdplayer for all other files.
Is it possible to do so with the playercorefactory.xml ?

My playercorefactory.xml looks like this, but it currently uses MPC-HC for all MKV files (H264 and H265) :

        <player name="MPC-HC" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
            <filename>C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\mpc-hc64.exe</filename>
            <args>"{1}" /fullscreen /play /close</args>
    <rules action="prepend">
        <rule filetypes="mkv" player="MPC-HC">
        <rule video="true" player="dvdplayer">

I've tried to change this line
        <rule filetypes="mkv" player="MPC-HC">
        <rule videocodec=".*hevc.*" player="MPC-HC">

but when I click on a MKV file (H264 or H265) to read it, it allways uses the DVDPlayer (and not MPC-HC for H265 files).

So maybe the codec cannot be read before lauching the video ? Or the ".*hevc.*" is not correctly written in the xml file ?
Or maybe do I have to write into a nfo file that the codec of the movie is hevc, but how ?

For more information about this rule based on videocodec that I've tried, when I make a right clic on a movie and select "Read with", it shows the correct default player (MPC-HC for H265 mkv files, and DVDPlayer for other files), but a simple left click on the movie does not run the correct player (allways DVDPlayer).

Waiting for some help, Blush

Best regards

Your rule doesn't look right at all. I think the codec is called h265 not hevc. And the formatting is not right. You should try:

<rule videocodec="h265" player="MPC-HC">

If that doesn't work, you should start a new thread in the Windows support thread. It is possible the rules for external players need to be updated to include this codec.

Another alternative would be to add an .hevc suffix to each filename and create a rule based on the filename.

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