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Kodi Animation thread
(2018-10-25, 13:06)nojoe Wrote: But where is the intro.mp4 from Kodi v18 Leia (LibreElec) to change it with a Sam Fisher intro?
Any hint? I know it gets downloaded but is ok. If it gets changed after a big update i change it back to custom via ssh.

If you install your own splash video as /storage/.config/splash.h264 then it should be used instead of the default splash video. Only supported by Milhouse RPi builds.

See following posts for video conversion details:

Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
(2018-10-01, 17:09)samfisher Wrote: Thx for all the comments!

Now it's time for some Kodi sushi.
This is an old animations I made using the Kodi sushi wallpaper.
I wanted to do something with the Kodi sushi but didn't know what yet, so I basically just made it explode and then made the animation backward.

Kodi Animation 4A (30sec)

Kodi Animation 4B (14sec)
I really like the 30sec version!
Can I request a small change to it?

Make it a bit faster, cut out the Japanese drawing. (So there is no perspective change) and blend in the kodi name between the chop sticks or below the sushi Smile
@meowmoo I just made a third version, unfortunately blending the Kodi name as you suggest would make it unbalanced, at least to me. But I cut out the japanese drawing so it's shorter now.

Kodi Animation 4C (20sec)


btw, I'm also starting a new series of animations for LibreElec too:

LibreElec Animation 1A (8sec)

This is the deafault LE animation with small changes and added audio.
More animations soon!
@samfisher thank you, looks very good! Will use this one for now Smile
Here's the 2nd LibreElec+Kodi animation, it's available in 5 different versions (some with LE+Kodi and some with LE only):

LibreElec Animation 2A (20sec)

LibreElec Animation 2B (20sec)

Edit: LE logo fixed, Animation 2D is shorter now, and also made a 10 seconds version.
LibreElec Animation 2C (15sec)

LibreElec Animation 2D (13sec)

Edit: LE logo fixed, Animation 2D is shorter now, and also made a 10 seconds version.
Awww... Our little LibreELEC box is all grown up now! Rofl

I think that if, with the "LibreElec Animation 2D (15sec)" version, you could eliminate the wait before the first 'wiggle', and also shave off the last couple of slow seconds at the very end, you'd have an approx. 10-second video that would be both entertaining and yet not too annoyingly long before LE starts with Kodi.
@Klojum Here's a 10 seconds version:

LibreElec Animation 2E (10sec)

Here's a very simple and short Kodi Animation:

Kodi Animation 7A (5sec)

Kodi Animation 7B (5sec)
Kodi Animation 7C (5sec)

Kodi Animation 7D (5sec)

5 seconds for the animation is probably the minimum Smile

What if, in 7a and/or 7c samples, you made the two animations go more simultaneously ?
Perhaps have the 2nd animation (of the word Kodi) start halfway during the 1st logo animation part?

Both animations could then go a bit slower (having more time to unfold), and perhaps more eye pleasing IMO. Now both of them are ready in 2 seconds, and then nothing happens visually for 3 secs. If that was intended, okay, but now you still have some 3 seconds of a playing field for the graphics all while the music continues. Just my 2 euro cents.
Yeah I could try doing that (make the animations go more simultaneously), but then the audio probably wouldn't fit as well as it does now, as the animation was build around the audio.
That means I may need a different audio to do a good job, but I could try!

Also yes, the 2-3 "empty" seconds at the end are always intended, I think it's the minimum time required to let ppl clearly see the logo without distractions and for the bottom text to appear, as sometimes it's not a good idea to show that during the actual animation.
(2018-12-13, 16:09)samfisher Wrote: I think it's the minimum time required to let ppl clearly see the logo without distractions
Okay, I understand that, but perhaps 2 seconds are enough as well given the overall short video length. It is after all an animation video, not a test image Wink
Love the 5 second animation, it's just enough to be a start-up splash.
Kodi Blueprint Animation:
In this animation I used my Kodi blueprint wallpaper as background, then made the Kodi pieces drops over it to form the final logo.
I also recorded and edited the falling/slipping audio effects for each movement/collision that happens in the animations, trying to make it sounds as natural as possible.
I'm very happy with the result!

Kodi Animation 8A (12sec)

Kodi Animation 8B (12sec)

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