Work in Progress - reFusion

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Japaja Offline
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Location: Croatia
Post: #16
Still working on it or paused for the time being ?

[Image: all-thin-fanart@2x.jpg]
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frellAn Offline
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Post: #17
i dont really have any time for this now, too much other stuff. But will pick it up again as soon as I have time again!
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patria o muerte Offline
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Post: #18
very good skin.
Will this skin have mouse support?
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hacky4real Offline
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Post: #19
Hi mate,
I am testing hour skin. Its beautiful especially on my smart TV.
Any plans for further updates?
1) the keyboard doesn't work on Isengard
2) the content menu needs fix.

If there's anyway you or anyone could help me fix I will DIY.
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