Extremely slow import of channels at startup
Hi there, had this problem for a good while now.
It seemed to begin when I first used my own folder for icons in XBMC.
I'm on latest build from tvheadend website but problem has been an issue since a good few months builds.
Problem doesn't manifest itself on another machine so it's not a bug per se.

The system is a high end i7 one.

Instead of taking 5-6 seconds to import channels it takes approximately 3-4 minutes.

Any ideas on resolving this without starting from scratch as have my channel lineup/numbers/muxes all setup how I like.

EDIT - This is using the newish testing client as in the thread here.

Enable debug logging and upload a log somewhere where you can see what happens during startup.
I was finding this as well, it was especially bad on OSX Helixb4/5, stopping and starting and eventually completing the EPG import from the TvHeadend server. This was using the TvHeadend client that comes with Helix.

I've since downloaded the OSX Helix RC1 release and EPG import speed seems back to normal.

I have the same problem.
Here is my Debug log.

cd /pub/ && cat Beer
Just wanted to let you know. Fond the problem on my site.

I played around a litle bit with picons (didn't notice that i only have to add them to tvheadend, and reload channel database). I created the picons, put them on a path in NFS and pointed the live tv option for channel logos to that path.

Deleting this line in my guisettings.conf fixed my isue of slow loading of the channels on start. I think just changing the path to an empty direcotry in your local harddisc should fix this too.
cd /pub/ && cat Beer
Thanks for this. I had forgotten that I too had a local path setup for the Channel Icons.

Its even easier to reset the path so the Channel Icons are pulled from the TvHeadend server.
(Hint set them up in TvHeadend Server by pointing to the .png files in a http link from Wikipedia)

Live TV > Menu/OSD > Reset above settings to default



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Extremely slow import of channels at startup0
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