Bug music library - Album view limited to 100 tracks?
Hi, is there some limit in kodi's music library?
My music is tagged via musicbrainz but somehow it doesn't show more than 100 tracks per album.
For example the Misfits Coffin Box Set consists of four discs, but in library view some tracks are missing.
The whole set has about 104 tracks.
File view works fine of course.
I don't know of a limitation...but I know, that this box has 4 CDs. You have to add them seperately. So you won't have 100+ songs in one album. You then have 25 songs on CD1, 25 Songs on CD2 and so on.

Then songs should be tagged as:

Misfits - Song 1 - CD1
Misfits - Song 2 - CD1
Misfits - Song 1 - CD2
Misfits - Song 2 - CD2
Yeah I know that too.
To be honest, I think that's the way the Box set is already named on musicbrainz, i.e. "Box Set CD1" as album title. So it's just a cosmetic thing / "nice to have" feature.

It's not a dealbreaker but I thought a developer might be able to clarify this.
Don't know, but if you have the "disknumber" tag, Kodi will assign a track number 0x10001 (hex) to track 1 disknumber 1/2, track number 0x20001 to track 1 disknumber 2/2 and I assume that continues for additional disks. If you use "Box Set" as the album, it should combine all tracks into the single album which has a MB album (release) ID. It doesn't seem like there would be a practical limitation of total number of tracks using this scheme.

scott s.
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music library - Album view limited to 100 tracks?0
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