[SOLVED] How to limit what a user sees?
I have a user account issue. Could not find anything from wiki or with google. Didn't use Linux prefix as I think this is more of a xbmc configuration issue.

My setup:
xbmc 13.2 media is on Ubuntu 12.04 x64 server, using MySQL. PPA
Xbmc 13.2 runs on desktop with Ubuntu 14.04 x64. PPA GIT:0f3db05
(Also runs on a couple of other Linux variations, Androids and one Windows computer, but those are fine.)
All upgraded since Frodo 12.0 through point updates and then to Gotham and through point updates. No RC or Beta ever installed.

I have configured advancedsettings.xml.

This is it:

Now, on this computer our daughter sometimes watches series without me having my eye on the screen constantly. She should not watch Dexter or Hellraiser, you know. It used to be fine when I just import the advancedsettings.xml to all the clients, they can see all the folders where I have anything. I then go to this one computer, start xbmc on her account, go to Videos – Files and manually add only those folders containing cartoons and children's programs. Then on her account it used to work that she can see only those that are manually selected in the Videos – Files. But now all of a sudden she can see all movies and series. Not sure if it is since updating 13.1 to 13.2 or after couple of Ubuntu updates, but it is very recent. It has been working on at least 13.0 and before.

Has something changed? How can I limit what video files the second user sees? She should have access only to kidsmovies and kidsseries.

Oh, and on the server they are sorted as:

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why not make a special profile for her and only add
to her database.
that's what i use for my daughter.
and she isn't abl to access my database.
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Thank you for the reply. This is indeed what I though I have done and it has worked before. On this one computer I have two xbmc users, one for us parents and one for my daughter. Every other computer and the main user account on this computer has nothing added in the Videos - Files so it pulls everything that is pointed in the advancedsettings.xml, but in her account I added only
which should then only add those two folder. It did work all throughout Frodo and updates and it did work on Gotham until very recently. I still see only those folders added there whem I go to Videos - Files.

Or did you mean a new database on the SQL server? I'm not really good with SQL so I did it with the instructions. I thought it would be possible to just limit what parts different xbmc users can see.
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you can. put a lock on the source, the stuff from the source is only shown when it is unlocked. see 'master lock' in wiki.
HEY! That must be it!

I did set up master lock for the system so our daughter doesn't go by accident on our account. I must have set that up as well. I very recently removed the lock since I didn't want to type it in all the time and I trust my daughter to choose the correct account. (Her theme is more bright colours and eye candy, ours has more information about the movies and series and reading long bits of text is booooriiing. So she doesn't even want to go to our account.) I have totally forgotten that. Thank you so much. I think this is what solves the issue. I am sure all I need to do is to enable the lock again. I need to send couple of emails, then I can go to our living room computer and test that.
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That was it! Enabled master lock again and everything is back to normal.
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