Changing Timeshift Path Causes Error
Hi Sorry I'm quite new to XBMC / ArgusTV as I'm trying to setup a test environment to eventually migrate from SageTV. Cant find this topic before, so hope I'm not duplicating it.

I managed to get a working Argus TV backend and have 2 XBMC clients currently. I want to change the "Timeshift path" in Argus TV as I put it in a stupid place iinitially. However even though I can make this change in Argus TV OK, once I change it it does not get reflected in XBMC (actually running Kodi nightly) and whenever I try and watch live TV I get an unknown error message until I reinstate the original timeshift folder. Is this setting captured and stored somewhere in KODI?

Any suggestions would be welcome
Hi, I just ran into what appears to be the same issue and thought I'd share the solution I found.

Apparently, you will get an "unknown error" if Kodi is not able to access the timeshifting path designated in Argus. Was your old timeshifting location in a shared directory and your new one not? If so, sharing the new directory may resolve the problem.

I was surprised that even the local machine where the timeshifting directory was located wouldn't work, but I suspect that may be because Argus converts the timeshift path to a UNC share and then looks for it that way.
Hi Thanks for reply. For me both original and new path were both shared properly and I could see the path if I added it as a file location in Kodi so this was OK. In the end I uninstalled Kodi/XBMC completely (deleted all data folders etc...) and started from scratch.This was the only way I could get Kodi to work properly. Never got to the bottom of were Kodi seemed to be storing the path. But the complete wipe/reinstall sorted it (bit drastic I know but it was only a test setup.

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Changing Timeshift Path Causes Error0
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