Kodi crashes with DVBLink PVR on channel switching
Hi guys,

we have crashes of Kodi with active DVBLink PVR addon in times of switching channels. This error only appears, if timeshift is enabled. Without active timeshifting, we have no crashes. On a thread in DVBLogic forum we have discripted and analysed the error:

Quote:Using my windows 7 64bit desktop computer
DVBLink Server 5.1.0 10713
DVBLink EPG Loader for PercData 5.1.0 10797
HDHomeRun dual OTA ATSC tuner Model: HDTC-2US
Older model HDHomeRun dual tuner
Synology DS211j NAS

I uninstalled the existing Kodi and installed the
14 Release Candidate 2
the only thing I added was the DVBLogic PVR addon
I configured the addon and did not select "time shifting"
changed channels and did not crash.

Enabled "time shifting" was able to change channels 3 or 4 times before crashing.

Tried again, with "time shifting" disabled, changed channels several times no crash.

Enabled "time shifting" again after three times changing channels, it crashed Kodi.

Made several more test with and without "time shifting" enabled,
sometimes with the "time shifting enabled" I could change channels several times before crashing.
With "time shifting" disabled, I could never get Kodi to crash.

Here is a log of the crash with "time shifting" enabled.


Main Thread: http://forum.dvblogic.com/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=28634

It seems, that the timeshift buffer isn't ganerated fast enough for Kodi.Could this please fixed?

PS: Maybe this is the wrong categoy, so please move it to the right one
No one else on this forum with this error?
I'm running Kodi 14.0 beta 4 (on Windows) with IPTV from DVBLink 5.1 (also on Windows) and I'm not having any problems. Timeshifting is enabled.
Can you report it on trac.kodi.tv?
(2014-12-08, 10:57)rb338 Wrote: I'm running Kodi 14.0 beta 4 (on Windows) with IPTV from DVBLink 5.1 (also on Windows) and I'm not having any problems. Timeshifting is enabled.

It seems this problem only appears if DVBLink Server and Kodi running on different machines.

(2014-12-08, 16:07)negge Wrote: Can you report it on trac.kodi.tv?

Yes. I'll do this.
(2014-12-08, 16:07)negge Wrote: Can you report it on trac.kodi.tv?


According to the article on trac.kodi.tv, this problem should have been fixed. However, I have seen very similar problems using Kodi 15beta2.

I am now using Kodi 14.2 and I am not having problems. I posted this problem on the DVBlogic forum, but until now I did not hear of a fix.

If anyone wants more info, please let me know.

Please attach a new debug log to the bug report (using RC1).
OK, but I have not (yet) seen the problem with RC1. If something happens, I will let you know.

Wow! There is already RC2. I will continue testing with RC2.

DVBlogic is now actively working on this. If needed I will followup on the DVBlogic forum.

Hey guys.

I have setup 15.1 final with mediaportal backend and also expierence such behaviour.
Sometimes Kodi crashs on switching channels.
i will try to reproduce the issue and come back here.

Maybe the issue is not related to DVBLogic!?

Here are the Logs: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/F9jfMzBB/file.html

Can anybody please look into it?

It seems a DXVA2 issue with windows 10 + Radeon 5750.
Have tried this solution: 2103836 (post)
but with no,luck.

After disabling DXVA acceleration in Kodi Settings has solved my issue.
Will now go without HW-Acceleration for now.
My CPU load is at ~6% on an 1080p movie, so its ok for me.

Hope this helps somebody :-)
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