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Work in Progress - Playstation 4 Skin
hi .when i run this skin i cant use it because only i saw loading script on ps4 skin. What should I do?.thanks.
(2014-12-12, 15:03)beachkid Wrote: is this for KODIHuh

Yes the "Helix" works with the current stable version of kodi (14.x)
and "Gotham" works with the old current stable versionof kodi (13.x)

To the Dev of the Theme , how i can skip this screen on a Tablet ? (Samgsun Galaxy Tab 2 10.1)


This screen i need to skip in a tablet . in the pc version i must try for 30 mins to stop that screen

Someone know how to enable "xboxdrv" native support for my Xbox 360 Wired Gamepad , to use with kodi , without use things like "Antimicro" Huh
You sir @toyota12303 are truly a source of inspiration. This and the Xbox skin, truly amazing!
Thaanks everyone! I have just updated the first post with some new images of how the theme is currently looking. A lot of features have been added/ changed around, and a tonne of things have been fixed, such as the setup, loading screens and things going missing. Should be uploading a test release soon! This theme is also now compatible with the latest version of Kodi! Big Grin
Thanks..Good to see you update your skins for us gamers...
@toyota12303 Fixed the Imgur gallery for you. Wink
Thaank you! Smile
I m having a problem...
I applied this skin and started Kodi normally. Then PS4 skin starts up, and it goes to the home. The home doesn't show any app. It just shows that it is loading apps but it doesn't load.
Help me
It looks great but i cannot find the download link for jarvis 16
This skin is still unreleased yet, I plan to release it shortly, I just need to do some cleaning up, I may have to remove some of the themes ambient music as it makes the skin size over 1gb, without it's only about 100mb or so. I will probably release 2 versions, 1 with all the theme files and a smaller one that includes only the default theme with colour options.

I have updated the video on the first post of how the theme is currently looking. Sorry about the poor quality Big Grin
I have also included a short list of a couple new features.
Well that looks amazing so far, look forward to it mate.
Would love for an update. Also do you have a release date?
how i download this theme? i dont find the link :/
Can someone please post a link to an updated version
Is there any news here?

Playstation 4 Skin4.336