[SOLVED] How To Remove Music Rating?
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I am writing my own .nfo files for my music and am leaving out the <rating></rating> tags from my files alltogether.

Can someone tell me if there a file I can edit, and if so a path to it so that the rating does not display when I go to:

Music -> Library -> Artists -> Choose artist -> Right Click album -> Album Information

It looks like this (see following image) for each of my albums and I don't want rating to display at all within the GUI. I believe it has something to do with %R but where can I find and edit this?


Help appreciated.
Use at own peril


Comment out https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/2228e7...#L210-L215

and see if it does that. Else idk.
Never any doubt man!

Ty so much - worked like a charm. Guess time will tell if it the edit messes with anything else but it certainly did the trick.

Wondering if the ! is not can simply be changed here - <visible>!IsEmpty(ListItem.Rating)</visible> to <visible>IsEmpty(ListItem.Rating)</visible> - might give it a crack and see what happens.

Umm - you were just at XBMC irc correct?

Anyways - thanks again - appreciate your help Smile
You can play around with that yourself now.

I dont know any skinning so your guess is as good as mine.

Yes I was at irc and gave you same reply except you where not in the channel anymore.

feel frree to bump rep on the correct answer.
+1 - really appreciate it mate

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[SOLVED] How To Remove Music Rating?0
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