CEC support for volume control
I've found workaround.
  1. Reset settings of CEC to Defaults
  2. Switch source to the device on startup = OFF
  3. Devices to power on during startup = None
  4. Devices to power off during shutdown = None
  5. Send "Inactive source" command on shutdown = OFF
  6. Save changes and reboot R-Pi
Any news on that?
The linuxbased PVRs called 'Dreambox' do control the volume of the connected AVR or TV from the beginning. I don't want to force you to implement it, I just want to show you, that IMHO it is absolutely possible w/ linux. 🤓
I can't believe this hasn't been fixed after 3 years with more and more TVs supporting it (the list needs an update)... Anyway, here's my workaround:
Write this into your keymap:

Write this into /storage/cec-volup.sh:

echo volup | cec-client -s -t t -p 1 -b 0 -d 1

Write this into /storage/cec-voldown.sh:

echo volup | cec-client -s -t t -p 1 -b 0 -d 1

Lastly make sure the two scripts are executable.

There are some issues with this through:
- It changes the CEC device name to CECTester.
- It's slow.
Please allow me to hijack this thread: 

Is the other way round possible? 
Disable volume control of AVR using an IR remote? 

I just want the remote to power on/off the attached AVR and TV, but the remote shall NOT send any other signals to the AVR. 

(see also:  Support General Support OS independent / Other  )

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CEC support for volume control0
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