kodi 14 rc cannot play favorite upnp selection
Greetings. I have kodi-14-f4576be on OpenELEC 4.97.2 running on a Raspberry Pi.

When Kodi first starts, I am unable to play a uPNP selection from the main menu:

Star icon -> Favorite file that is bookmarked.

If I then select the same file from Videos -> Files, it plays normally.

If I then go back and select the file from favorites, it plays normally.

Logs of the existing behavior are attached. The file in question is:



The file in question is from an HD station on an HDHomeRun Prime.

I am also able to replicate the behavior on an Gotham 13.2 system (OpenELEC 4.2.1) running on an ION chipset.
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kodi 14 rc cannot play favorite upnp selection00