Win Music library displays ton of sort-of duplicates
Hi fellow xbmc-ers,
I am at my wits-ends with this issue.
I was using mediamonkey for over 10 years for my 12k collection, which I would say is over 99% accurate and orderly.

I add my music, located on a networked computer which I browse to using windows-network-smb, it finds everything and up to this point, all is fine.
As soon as I hit scan item to library, that's when I get problems.
Most artists that have "The" in front of their names (ie; "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones", etc) end up showing twice (ie: "The Beatles" / "Beatles, The", "The Rolling Stones" / "Rolling Stones, The", etc). Both name versions each display all the exact same playable songs

I went back to check in mediamonkey and I have no artists whatsoever showing up as "Beatles, the" , "Rolling Stones, The" and so forth, neither in artist field nor in album artist field. Where and how xbmc gotham gets the duplicate artist name with "xxx,The" is beyond me.

I already tried cleaning the music db, deleting userdata folder, reinstalling xbmc, to no avail, my library still displays a ton of duplicate ( I guess a couple thousands...)

Any idea how I can fix this?
Even MP3tag, often recommended here, was not showing anything wrong with my artists/album artists with a name starting with "The"
MusicBrainz Picard did however show 2 distinct album-artist lines, one ok, one with "xxx,The".
How those got a double entry is beyond me, but after fixing them, xbmc doesn't spit out duplicates anymore.
Did you look at the "extended tag info" in mp3tag (I think also might show up on the "classification" tab in MediaMonkey)? For example, for MP3 files tagged with ID3v2.3, Kodi normally will get the artist and album artist from the standard ID3 tags TPE1 and TPE2. But it is also possible to create an extended tag which in ID3 is stored as a TXXX tag. Kodi will recognize ALBUM ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST in these extended tags and I haven't tested, but guess that the contents of these tags if they exist are added to (or maybe replace) what is found in the "standard" tags. If you had put in, say a "sort order" in that extended tag with "Beatles, The" that might explain it.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472

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Music library displays ton of sort-of duplicates0
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