Errors browsing database through DLNA

I have the problem that DLNA devices show errors when browsing through the XBMC database. I first thought this was a problem of the specific device I am using (a Grunding Internet Radio), but I now see the same problem with an Yamaha RX-S600 network receiver.

I have XMBC 13.2 installed on a NUC running Ubuntu 14.04. The 13.2 has been installed from team-xbmc ppa and replaced the version 12 from the ubuntu repository.

Problem description:

On the DLNA "client" device I select the XBMC DLNA server and get "Music Library" and "Video Library". I select "Music Library" and so on. The problem is that some of the paths do work and some do not. Both devices (Grundig, Yamaha) fail at the same items. The Grundig reports "network timeout" and the Yamaha "access denied". Both appear to be default error codes and thus do not help.

I have uploaded a log:

At 15:32:55 T:140329464252160 starts a successfull path which ends here:
15:33:08 T:140329464252160 DEBUG: Received request to serve 'E60503BAB04729A71463A50788D50CE6/01%20Mein%20Weg.mp3' = '/var/data/media/Musik/Hip Hop and Soul/Albums/Such A Surge/Der Surge Effekt/01 Mein Weg.mp3'

This is the path that worked:

Music Library
-> Genre
--> Alt. Metal
---> * Alle Interpreten *
----> * Alle Alben *
-----> Mein Weg

I then walked up the menu and took the following path:

Music Library
-> Genre
--> Alt. Metal
---> For Love Not Lisa

After selecting "For Love Not Lisa" the DLNA client immediately reports the error. I do not see a related message in the XBMC log. The last entries are for the content of "Alt. Metal":
15:34:11 T:140328478603008 DEBUG: Returning UPnP response with 4 items out of 4 total matches

So I guess that the client sends a "malformed" request which will be dropped by XBMC.

Any ideas what can cause this behaviour or suggestions for further debugging? It seems that I am the only one having this error so this must be something with my database or configuration.

Thank you,
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Errors browsing database through DLNA00
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