Win different KODI XBMC Versions, different JPG's from different EMM
Hello DanCooper,

first off all, your Ember Media Manager is AMAZING.
Keep the good work off them.

But in the Moment i'm totaly confused with my JPG's in different Versions.

The Situation are we followed:
All Movies and Series are on a NAS System. Both System use on the NAS a SQL Database. Then i can start a Movie or a Series an one System and i can look the Rest on the other System. The Database know wich Movie or Series i have seen.

I use XBMC 13.2 „Gotham“ on a PC-System.
I use Kodi 14 RC3 „Helix“ on a Amazon FireTV.

All Movies has a "own Folder" with the Moviename.
All Series has a "own Folder" with the Name from the Series.
Inside the Folder are Subfolder with Staffel 1, Staffel 2... and so on.

Firsttime i use Ember Media Manager 1.3.x Latest: r20 with my XMBC 13.2 System.
Everything Looks fine. Every Movie has his JPG's and Information to the Movie.

After i take the Kodi Amazon FireTV to my NAS, i see all Movies and Series, but not all JPG from the Movies, Fanart, Banner and so on.
Wenn i take the new Version of EMM BETA V1.4.0.7 ans scan the Movie or Series Folder the JPG's and Movie Infos are Missing.

Can it be, the NEW EMM V1.4.x works other then the old?
Or the old XBMC 13.2 has other JPG's then the NEW Kodi 14 RC3?

I deleted a Moviefolder and the Filenames from the JPG and NFO. Scan them with the NEW EMM V1.4.x. They are totaly other.
Is there a function to copy the JPG's and NFO the new and old Version for Kodi and XBMC?

I have no Problem to delete the XMBC V13.2 and put this System to Kodi, but what can i do with the Movie and Series Datas NFO and JPG to bring them
to the new Filenames that will be work with Kodi.
I will not Remane all files by Hand or make all of them NEW.

May be anybody have some Tips or Solutions for me.
Frodo (13.x) and Helix use the same "default" filenames, but only Frodo supports the old Eden (12.x and older) file names like *.tbn.

You can use the "expert settings" in Settings -> Movies -> Files and Sources and add your old file names. Let the "Frodo default" settings still activated. Save the settings and start Tools -> Relead all Movies to read the old files. After this you can use Tools -> Rewrite all Movie Content to save the old files with new filenames.

Btw, check my signature for German Ember support.

thank you for the very quick replay.
For the Movies that works fine.

But not for the Series.
My old Names:

The old poster.jpg was shown in XBMC as BANNER

I rescraped the Series now:
Now i have a banner.jpg (758x140px) and a poster.jpg (680x1000px).

Must i rescraped the SERIES by Hand now?

And after that is finished here, i Switch to the German EMM Support Smile THX
Yes, this works only for movies atm. But i think i can add the same function for tv show in next release.
Hi DanCooper,

with the TV-Shows in the next Version, will be great.
I'm looking Forward for that. Smile

Can it be, that by the TV-Shows is something changed?

In the past the poster was: 758x140px and the new poster are: 680x1000px
And the new banner are in 758x140px. But it is the old poster.

I like for the TV-SHOW's in confluence theme the Look: BREIT (sorry it was in german) WIDE.
But in WIDE you see the poster and not the Banner !!!

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different KODI XBMC Versions, different JPG's from different EMM0
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